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Public Law Office Management

Welcome to the Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division's (GPSLD) Public Law Office Management (PLOM) webpage. This site provides a forum for lawyers to learn strategies and share ideas for running a successful office.

Access the Division's PLOM Resources

Examples of resources on the site include:

  • information about improving communication with your clients
  • dealing with the media
  • obtaining grants for office programs
  • supervising employees
  • mentoring programs and
  • establishing a community-lawyering oriented office

We'd like to get your feedback about this GPSLD member resource. Please send your suggestions, questions or comments to [email protected].

Public Law Office as a Problem Solver

Clients have legal issues they want your law office to fix. If you are managing your attorneys well, you will be known as a problem solver. As a legal manager, make it your mission to find one or two “go-to” attorneys in your office. These are the attorneys who can do quick research, perform sound legal analysis and give good, practical recommendations.

Better yet is if your lawyers can become prognosticators, spotting issues before they become problems. A lawyer who can do that and explain the issues to clients is a true counselor — an extremely valuable one.