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Compelling Conversations with Colleagues is a series of interviews with a wide variety of public sector lawyers.

Hear from a city attorney, a county attorney, a public defender, a prosecutor, a federal agency attorney, an AUSA, and a JAG lawyer about what their day-to-day is like, and the pathways that led them to their position. Each podcast interview contains a wealth of information for lawyers or law students interested in a career in the public sector.

Cultivating Civility

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This program explores the importance of enhancing civility in the practice of law. Listen to learn how we can all improve our communication skills.

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Diverse Pathways to Success in the Public Sector

Getting Hired

You've found your dream job. Now all you need to do is get hired! Listen to this segment to learn some sage advice on landing the job.

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Career Advancement

Career growth and advancement are important to a satisfying career. Seek out a variety of mentors who can provide valuable career advice. Take advantage of training opportunities to enhance your legal skills and prepare you for more challenging assignments. Top legal jobs exist in the public sector that don’t require political affiliations.

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Work-Life Balance

Work-Life balance is important to many lawyers. Having other interests makes you a more interesting person, which contributes to career success. It’s okay to focus your energy on your career at some junctures but remember to take breaks to concentrate on physical activities, volunteering or wellness. Public sector jobs often offer progressive employment practices such as flex time and telecommuting.

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