November 01, 2016

Military Books

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New Book from the Standing Committee on Legal Assistance for Military Personnel 
Ripped Off! A Servicemember's Guide to Common Scams, Frauds, and Bad Deals

Our military men and women are targeted by certain types of sales, scams and abusive commercial practices with appalling frequency. This book sheds a light on these shady deals so that rip off­s can be recognized and prevented. Perhaps most importantly, this book contains useful tips and resources to help those that have been victimized find justice.

Important topics covered in this text include:

  • Loans--high interest personal, and payday
  • Life insurance sales
  • Landlord/tenant issues
  • Internet, telephone and mail scams
  • Identity theft
  • Education rip-offs
  • Debt-collection abuses
  • Auto purchase, repossession, and repair fraud

This book is accessible enough for troops to find value in reading it themselves. It is designed to help attorneys and others in the position of advising our military understand and repair the damage caused by these immoral and illegal scams. It is also a tool to educate those who are in a position to change laws to better protect our servicemen and women from being ripped o­ff.

Two new books by the Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice are now available! Purchase them today!


The Fundamentals of Counterterrorism Law
Explore the relationship between the law and the U.S. fight against terrorism with The Fundamentals of Counterterrorism Law.  This book covers the historical aspects of counterterrorism and also sets the foundation of understanding this dynamic area of law - by taking analysis of counterterrorism law to the next level.

The Law of Counterterrorism 
This book is an invaluable resource to understanding the important issues being raised and should be studied anyone involved in the war on terrorism. The in-depth discussions in this book were written by some of the most important authorities in national security.