ABA's Group Membership Program

Did you know that the ABA has a public service group program for lawyers employed in the courts, government, legal services and non-profits? ABA dues are $95 for group members under this program. Program Requirements: Each office, agency or organizational group seeking membership under this program must have five or more participants. 50% of the group must be new members of the ABA at the time of the group’s formation. For example, a group with five current ABA members who are interested in creating a group would need to recruit five new members for a group total of 10. Each group must identify a single point of contact (Group Administrator) to promote the program and handle all ABA billing, informational and collection activities. Each individual participant must belong to at least one Section, Division or Forum during every year of membership through this program.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: contact Kevin Henderson at kevin.henderson@americanbar.org or visit public-service-group-form.pdf (americanbar.org).