December 14, 2017

New Public Sector Career Podcast and Tech Tips

Division Launches New Podcast Series

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a county attorney is like? What type of caseload a prosecutor carries? The best law school classes if you are interested in becoming a public defender? Check out the Division's new podcast series, "Compelling Conversations with Colleagues" which examines different lawyer positions within the public sector. Hear from a county attorney, a public defender, a prosecutor and a federal agency lawyer about what their day-to-day is like, and the pathways that led them there. Each podcast is short, and contains a wealth of information for young lawyers or law students who are interested in a career in the public sector. Visit to listen.

Tech Tips

What is ransomware? Simply put, it is a type of malware programmed to encrypt your data and block access to your computer until money is paid. Ransomware is not actually a virus but it is used for extortion and is a criminal offense. Ransomware is most often downloaded onto a system when a user visits a compromised website or it is delivered as an attachment from an illegitimate email message. Some experts estimate that ransomware will cost organizations $5 billion this year alone, so it is vital to have a plan in place.

To prevent ransomware attacks:
• Provide training, training, and more training for attorneys and staff
• Don't click on links within emails from unknown senders
• Have consistent security practices in place
• Employ redundant verified backup systems

If targeted:
• Contact your IT staff immediately
• Disconnect all infected computers
• Determine what drives are affected
• Restore using your verified backup

Source: Legal Technology Today video, "Legal Technology Trends, Threats, and Innovations," July 21, 2017. 

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