GPSLD Honors some Amazing Public Sector Heroes

A heartfelt thank you goes to Thomson Reuters, who graciously sponsored our General E.E. Anderson Awards Reception at the Annual Meeting in New York. As GPSLD Chair, Pauline Weaver remarked: "I'm very pleased to announce that Thomson Reuters is generously supporting our reception today. We are grateful that they have decided to join us in honoring America’s public sector heroes."

The 2017 Dorsey Award winner was Michael Barrett, Director of the Missouri State Public Defender System. Michael's passion and tenacity enabled him to take a traditionally unpopular cause and win the hearts and minds of Missouri legislators, fellow lawyers, and the community at large. He did this by working tirelessly to ensure that people understood the meaning of the Sixth Amendment right to counsel and how the inadequate funding of the Missouri public defender system harmed that right.

The Hodson Award was presented to City Attorney Mike Feuer, on behalf of the Office of Los Angeles City Attorney. The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office has achieved extraordinary results in consumer protection, gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform. This office is a model for other government law offices that work to truly change the lives of their citizens.

Florida Deputy Attorney General Patricia A. Conners won the 2017 Nelson Award. Conners has worked tirelessly to increase the participation of government lawyers within the ABA. While serving on the Antitrust Section's Advisory Board on Section Reserves she succeeded in expanding grant programs for state enforcers to encourage their increased involvement. During that time she also recruited many state consumer protection lawyers to join and become active in the ABA.

For the 2018 awards, please see nomination requirements and note that nominations must be received by the Division no later than Monday, April 9, 2018. Contact Alison Hill at 202-662-1024 or with any questions.

We congratulate all the winners and express our sincere appreciation to Thomson Reuters for their support!