September 28, 2017

Legal Ethics in the Time of Fake News and New Media

Legal Ethics in the Time of Fake News and New Media

September 28, 2017

Sponsored by the ABA Government & Public Sector Lawyers Division

Cosponsored by the ABA Standing Committee on the American Judicial System and the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility

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We live in a new age, where it seems that every day brings a sensational headline, when anyone with the barest of credentials can write and post an item and call it "news," and where the veracity of news - legitimate or not - is constantly called into question. Judges and lawyers have always had to deal with media coverage of high profile cases, controversial decisions, and judicial elections. But what impact does this new media climate have on how lawyers try cases, how judges decide them, or on public understanding of the judicial system? With these questions as the framework, this program will provide perspectives from the bench, bar, and media. The program will offer practical and ethical advice about how lawyers and judges can respond to negative press, how lawyers should deal with the media, how to interact with the media effectively, and whether the media has any responsibility to ensure fair courts or the selection of qualified judges. Panelists will discuss when and how the media should have access to information and relevant legal standards with which judges, lawyers, and the media should be familiar.

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