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Join one of our committees (committee chairs are in parentheses):

Awards: (Sylloris Lampkin)
 - Oversees the nomination and selection process of the Division's three national awards: the Dorsey Award for outstanding public defenders and legal aid attorneys, the Hodson Award for outstanding performance by a government or public sector law office, and the Nelson Award for outstanding contributions to the ABA by a government or public sector lawyer. Click here for more information.

Bylaws: (Al Purdue)
 - Reviews the GPSLD's bylaws and can recommend amendments.

CLE: (Judge Joan M. Burke)
 - Organizes presentations of the Division's CLE programs including the Division's successful ethics program.

Ethics: (Judge Edwin L. Felter, Jr.) 
- Reviews ethical issues relating to public lawyers.

Hot Topics (Ed Monahan)
- The committee will monitor public law practice to determine if there are any issues that the division should investigate more deeply by, for instance, publishing an article, presenting a CLE program or sponsoring policy before the ABA House of Delegates.

International Pro Bono: (Judge Edwin L. Felter, Jr.)
 - Will provide members with information about pro bono opportunities around the world. Opportunities will require a variety of time commitments - from short term (several days) to longer (2-3 weeks or several months.) There are also opportunities to volunteer in the US on international matters.

Law Student Outreach: (Matt Archer-Beck)
 - Presents public lawyer career programs for law school students.

Membership: (Tim Nemechek)
 - Responsible for recruiting and retaining Division members.

Newsletter: (Abbie Gruwell)
 - Responsible for writing and soliciting articles for the Division's quarterly newsletter, Pass It On. The committee is chaired by the newsletter editor.

Pro Bono: (Daniel Collopy)
 - Responsible for pro bono activities of the Division including participating in the ABA's annual pro bonoconference. 


Please email [email protected] if you are interested in joining a committee or if you have questions about committee participation.