August 12, 2020


Division Officers and Council Members

Chair: Steve Vieux
Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP, San Fracisco CA

Chair-Elect: Edward Monahan
Frankfort, KY

Treasurer: Wendy J. Muchman
Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, Chicago, IL

Secretary: Adele Rapport
Federal Lawyer, Chicago, IL

Treasurer: Judge Ira Sandron
National Labor Relations Board, Washington, DC

Division Delegates:
Gregory G. Brooker
U.S. Attorneys Office, Minneapolis, MN

Col. Alexander W. Purdue
Sante Fe, NM

Immediate Past Chair: Sharon Pandak 
Greehan, Taves & Pandak, Woodbridge, VA

Council Members
Matthew Archer-Beck
Securities and Exchange Commission
Washington, DC

Albert C. Asphall
Assistant Corporation Counsel
City of Paterson
Paterson, NJ

Judge Joan Burke
Administrative Law Judge
New Jersey Office of Administrative Law
Trenton, NJ

Trish Conners
Chief Associate Deputy Attorney General
Office of the Florida Attorney General
Tallahassee, FL

Janet Coulter
Huntington Beach, CA

Joel DeJesus
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Silver Spring, MD

Hon. Edwin L. Felter, Jr.
Office of Administrative Courts
Denver, CO

Donna Y. Frazier
Caddo Parish Attorney
Shreveport, LA

Paula J. Frederick
General Counsel
State Bar of Georgia
Atlanta, GA

Jacqueline Hallinan
Charleston, WV

Gilda Mariani
Special Investigative Counsel
New York County District Attorney's Office
New York, NY

Regina Nassen
Office of the Pima County Attorney
Civil Division
Tucson, AZ

Hon. Timothy L. Nemechek
Colorado Office of Administrative Courts
Denver, CO

Howard A. Pohl
Hollywood, FL

Liani Reeves
Portland, OR

Linda Santiago
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Washington, DC

Darcee Siegel
Bal Harbour, FL

Bill Slease
Disciplinary Board of the New Mexico Supreme Court
Albuquerque, NM

Charles Stertz
Outagamie County District Attorney's Office
Appleton, WI

Maj. Amanda R.M. Williams
United States Army Judge Advocate General Corps
Alexandria, VA

Board of Governors Liaison
John Cruden

Washington, DC

Law Student Division Liaison
Jaime Villarreal

Fort Worth, TX

Young Lawyers Division Liaison
Matthew Wallace

El Paso, TX

Former Division Chairs


Kenneth J. Hodson, Washington, DC
Ernest D. Preate, Jr., Scranton, PA
J. Edwin Dietel, Bethesda, MD
Pamila J. Brown, Ellicott City, MD
General Earl E. Anderson, Vienna, VA
Hon. John R. Tunheim, Minneapolis, MN
Brenda P. Murray, Chevy Chase, MD
Daniel Lawrence Skoler, Bethesda, MD
John J. Copelan, Jr., Coral Springs, FL
Cynthia Rapp, Washington, DC
David J. DeVries, Mechanicsburg, PA
Maureen Essex, Baltimore, MD
Joseph W. Downey, Arlington, VA
David A. Anderson, Dunn Loring, VA
Allen E. Giles, Saint Paul, MN
Jacquelynn B. Rothstein, Madison, WI
Jorge L. Fernandez, Miami, FL
Darcee S. Siegel, North Miami Beach, FL
General Kenneth D. Gray, Morgantown, WV
Gwendolyn D. Hodge, Little Rock, AR
Gary L. Anderson, San Antonio, TX
Susan A. Low, Des Moines, IA
Hon. Edwin L. Felter, Jr., Denver, CO
Col. Alexander W. Purdue, Los Alamos, NM
Gregory G. Brooker, Minneapolis, MN
Joan M. Burke, Trenton, NJ
Pauline A. Weaver, Fremont, CA
Janet M. Coulter, Long Beach, CA
Hon. Susan N. Burke, Minneapolis, MN

Information about Serving on Council

In the spring, the Division contacts state bars, relevant ABA entities and ABA affiliated organizations seeking nominations to council. The Division’s Nominating Committee also nominates at-large members to council. Nominees then stand for election in August at the ABA Annual Meeting. Council member terms are three years and they are eligible to serve two three-year terms. Council members are required to attend three council meetings per year.