Division Officers and Council Members

Chair: Pauline A. Weaver
Fremont, CA

Chair-Elect: Janet M. Coulter
Long Beach, CA

Vice-Chair: Hon. Susan N. Burke
Hennepin County District Court
Minneapolis, MN

Secretary: Sharon E. Pandak
Greehan, Taves, Pandak & Stoner, PLLC
Woodbridge, VA

Treasurer: Steve Vieux
Federal Trade Commission
Washington, DC

Division Delegates:
Gregory G. Brooker
Minneapolis, MN

Col. Alexander W. Purdue
Sante Fe, NM

Immediate Past Chair: Joan M. Burke
Division of Consumer Affairs
Trenton, NJ

Council Members
Gary L. Anderson

Assistant United States Attorney
San Antonio, TX

Matthew Archer-Beck
Securities and Exchange Commission
Washington, DC

James Melbourne Durant III 
Chief Counsel 
Office of Science
U.S. Department of Energy
Lemont, IL

Hon. Edwin L. Felter, Jr.
Office of Administrative Courts
Denver, CO

J. Todd Hedgepeth
Support Center, Air Force’s Texas Labor Law Field
Garden Ridge, TX

Kristine B. Kassekert
Arlington, VA

Sylloris Lampkin
Attorney Advisor
U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
Atlanta, GA

Edward Monahan
Kentucky Public Advocate
Department of Public Advocacy
Frankfort, KY

Wendy J. Muchman
Chief of Litigation & Professional Education
Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission
Chicago, IL

Regina Nassen
Office of the Pima County Attorney
Civil Division
Tucson, AZ

Howard A. Pohl
Florida Department of Financial Services
Division of Insurance Fraud
Hollywood, FL

Adele Rapport
Chicago, IL

Liani Reeves
Portland, OR

Hon. Frederic B. Rodgers
Presiding Judge
Central City Municipal Court
Central City, CO

Joshua Roman
U.S. Air Force
Islip, NY

Hon. Ira Sandron
National Labor Relations Board
Atlanta, GA

Charles Stertz
Outagamie County District Attorney’s Office
Appleton, WI

Hon. John R. Tunheim
U.S. District Court Judge
District of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

Katherine S. Wade
Camden City Municipal Utilities Authority
Camden, NJ

William J. Weigel
Litigation Counsel
Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation
Madison, WI

Board of Governors Liaison
Hon. Herbert B. Dixon, Jr.
Washington, DC

Law Student Division Liaison
Ragan Updegraff

Washington, DC

Young Lawyers Division Liaison
Albert Asphall
Paterson, NJ