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Colleagues Under the Influence: Licensure and the Impaired Lawyer

Colleagues Under the Influence: Licensure and the Impaired Lawyer

Webinar: April 23 - 1:00 pm ET

Learn how to recognize a legal professional with an impairment and the resources available to help them and their colleagues. This program will examine: signs and symptoms of substance use problems among legal professionals, understanding addiction as an illness, treatment options, the interface between disciplinary action and impairment, obligations to report an attorney with an impairment, and how Lawyer Assistance Programs help attorneys and their colleagues.


How to Best Manage Remote Employees

 How to Best Manage Remote Employees

Tips for Managers

1. COMMUNICATION – Your remote employees might need more contact than non-remote employees so they feel a sense of inclusion. Set up and encourage the use of instant messaging, texting and other online collaboration tools. Establish regular team meetings using these tools. You may be surprised about the effectiveness of video conferencing tools. 2. INVOLVEMENT – Spend a few minutes before each meeting catching up with your remote employees, just as you would with physically present employees. Keep remote employees in the loop about upcoming office events, even those they cannot attend. 3. APPRECIATION – Be generous with your praise. It costs you nothing to send out a team-wide announcement acknowledging accomplishments. 4. FACE TIME – Make sure to schedule regular, in-person meetings. They could be quarterly or twice a year meetings at your headquarters, conferences, or employee retreats. This will build trust and camaraderie amongst all your employees.

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Virginia Solicitor General: Government Lawyers' Work is Critically Important

The work of government lawyers is “critically important to the balance of the rule of law,” Virginia Solicitor General Toby Heytens said during his speech at the American Bar Association Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division’s Legal Skills Conference held Oct. 18 at the Omni Richmond (Va.) Hotel.

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Government Lawyers Volunteer in Richmond, Virginia

Government Lawyers Volunteer in Richmond, Virginia

Would you like a cup of coffee?

This simple question was the basis of the ABA’ s Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division’s (GPSLD) recent volunteer project at the Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia, on October 17. Hospital visitors were thankful for the simple gesture. But it was the government lawyer volunteers who were appreciative. The volunteers were grateful that they could bring a smile to the face of those who served our country. Several people approached the group and relayed moving stories of how they had been assisted by public lawyers. Government lawyer volunteers distributed information about lawyer referral services and pro bono assistance to those who asked for legal help. Thank you to former GPSLD council member Kristine Kassekert, who organized the project! Photo Caption L-R: Katherine Mikkelson and Bernadette Peele

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The Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division's mission is to serve the nation’s public lawyers. By promoting integrity and excellence among public advocates, providing meaningful services not obtainable elsewhere, and by highlighting the extraordinary work of public lawyers, GPSLD works to enhance the position of public lawyers, create camaraderie within the public sector, and provide representation within the ABA for public lawyers.

FOIA 101: Understanding the Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a federal statute that governs which federal agency records are releasable to the public. This primer provides an overview of the federal FOIA and the FOIA Improvement Act of 2016, and will help those within and outside of the government understand the requirements involved in the disclosure of public records.

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