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October 05, 2023

46th Annual Forum on Franchising

46th Annual Forum on Franchising

46th Annual Forum on Franchising

November 1-4, 2023


The ABA will seek 18.50 hours of CLE credit in 60-minute states, and 22.20 hours of CLE credit for this program in 50-minute states. Credit hours are estimated and are subject to each state’s approval and credit rounding rules. Please visit for general information on CLE at the ABA. Credit is not available for on-demand courses within the platform, though accredited on-demand courses may be available separately.

Attendee List

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Meeting Brochure

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Annual  Franchise and Distribution Law Developments 2023

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W-1: You Won! Now What? Handling Judgment Enforcement and Collection

W-2: (Un)Common Law Principles and Doctrines for Litigating Franchise Cases

W-3: Enforcing Internationally: The Options and How to Choose 

W-4: The Importance of Materiality in Franchise Disputes 

W-5: Recovery of Attorneys’ Fees in Franchise Litigation:  Success is No Accident! 

W-6: Is a Little Competition Healthy? 

W-7: It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over:  Creating, Enforcing, and Defending Franchisor Remedies Short of Termination 

W-8: The Current Landscape in the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

W-9: The Litigation Before the Litigation 

W-10: Knowing Where to Look: Effective and Useful Discovery Tips for Franchise Lawyers 

W-11: Bankruptcy and the Trademark License:  What Franchisors and Franchisees Need to Know After Tempnology

W-12: Bringing and Defending Claims Alleging Constructive Termination 

W-13: Regulatory Update 

W-14: Complying with New Prohibitions of Questionnaires and Acknowledgements While Protecting a Franchisor’s Legitimate Interests 

W-15: Private Equity and Beyond:  Non-SBA Lending and Financing Alternatives and Impacts 

W-16: Implementing Challenging Technologies in Franchise Systems

W-17: Responding to and Surviving Negative Social Media Reviews and Online Comments 

W-18: Wait, What Will This Cost Me? Best Practices for Cost and Related Financial Disclosures 

W-19: From the Ground Up:  Practical Considerations for Developing a Start-Up Franchise System 

W-20: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You – A Primer for Franchise Lawyers on Trusts, Estates, and Succession Rights 

W-21: Structuring Distribution Models to Avoid Franchise and Business and Opportunity Laws 

W-22: To Arbitrate or Not to Arbitrate and How to Draft Accordingly

W-23: ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance in Franchising

W-24: Privilege and Other Ethical Considerations in the Work-From-Everywhere Era