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October 05, 2021

44th Annual Meeting | Franchising On My Mind

 44th Annual Meeting

44th Annual Meeting

ABA Forum on Franchising

Annual Franchise and Distribution Law Developments 2021

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W-1: Eureka or Gotcha Moment? Reliance, Materiality, and Loss Causation: Analysis of Key Elements of Franchisee Claims for Franchise Disclosure 

W-2: I Would Love to, but I Can’t: Examining the Status and Future for Force Majeure, Impossibility, Impracticability, Frustration of Purposes, and Other Defenses to Performance

W-3: Picking a Poison Pill: Selecting, Enforcing, and Defending Against Liquidated Damages, Lost Profit Damages, and Damages Waivers

W-4: The Absentee Franchisor: When Franchisors Don’t Live Up to Their Obligations

W-5: Takeaways from Litigating Remotely after the COVID Era

W-6: Death by 1,000 Cuts: Defending Against Non-Franchise-Specific Lawsuits over ADA Website Compliance, TCPA Violations, IP Infringement, and Other Ancillary Claims  

W-7: Private Rescission Remedies for Franchise Law Violations

W-8: Franchising in a Socially Charged Environment: Franchisor and Franchisee Rights and Obligations When Politics, Race, and Religion Collide

W-9: Antitrust Issues Today - What Every Franchise Lawyer Needs to Know

W-10: Herding Cats: Class, Consolidated, and Other Mass Actions

W-11: Is the Dealer Holding all the Cards? A Primer on Key Litigation and Relationship Law Issues Under Dealer and Distributor Laws

W-12: Do You Really Want to Litigate in London or Timbuktu? Negotiating and Settling International Franchise Disputes Before Arbitration or Litigation Heats Up

W-13: Regulatory Update

W-14: Don’t Worry, We Will Come to You: Franchising Service or Product Businesses That do Not Require Retail Brick and Mortar Locations

W-15: Franchising in Non-Traditional Venues: So Many Options, So Little Understanding

W-16: You Need to Talk to the Accountants: Financial Statement Requirements and Options for the FDD

W-17: A Paradigm Shift in the Making: Transfers Involving Private Equity and Other Complex Arrangements and Circumstances

W-18: We Gotta Get Out of this Place: Exploring Refranchising Options and Issues for the Franchisor

W-19: Lessons from the Left Coast: Franchising in California and Washington

W-20: Structuring and Negotiating Essential Vendor Agreements and Dealing with Financial Terms, Discounts, and Rebates

W-21: Three’s a Crowd: Navigating the World of Franchisor, Master Franchisee/Area Representative, and Unit Franchisee Relationships and Their Distinct Interests

W-22: But I Already Bought the Franchise? Exploring Franchisor and Franchisee Rights in the Renewal/Successor Franchise Context

W-23: Key Trademark Protection Issues Around the World 

W-24: The Annotated International Franchise Agreement, or How to Turn a Domestic Agreement into an International Agreement


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