October 12, 2020

43rd Annual Meeting | Franchising In Focus

 43rd Annual Meeting

43rd Annual Meeting

ABA Forum on Franchising

Attendee List

Plenary 1: Annual Franchise and Distribution Law Developments 2020

Plenary 2: No Ordinary Time: The Impact of COVID-19 on Franchising

Diversity Caucus: George Floyd Could Have Been Me


W-1 Bringing Clarity to the Accidental Franchise Conundrum 

W-2 Litigation Trap: Preventing, Prosecuting, and Defending a Claim of Spoliation

W-3 Corralling Business Valuation Damages Issues in Franchise Cases

W-4 How To Be a Strong Advocate and Effective Counselor to Your Client in Mediation

W-5 Seeing It Through: Maximizing the Benefits of Insurance in Franchise Disputes

W-6 Ethics of Joint Representation: Representing Franchisors, Franchisees, and Their Officers, Employees, and Affiliates in Litigation 

W-7 The Evolution of Litigating Good Faith and Fair Dealing Claims

W-8 Focusing On the Bottom Line: Managing Costs and Driving Value When Resolving Franchise Disputes

W-9 Spotlight on Advanced Termination Issues and Incurable Defaults 

W-10 Franchise Agreements in Bankruptcy Cases and Business Restructurings—The Problems and Issues that Bankruptcy Can (And Cannot) Solve

W-11 Independent Contractor or Employee?—Current State of the Ever-Changing Law and Its Impact on Franchising

W-12 Responding to Franchise Enforcement Actions 

W-13 Regulatory Update

W-14 International Franchising in a Time of Change: COVID-19, Brexit, and Beyond 

W-15 Do You Want to Know a Secret: The Impact of Consumer Privacy Laws on Franchise Companies

W-16 Promises, Promises: Financial Performance Representations – Advanced Issues

W-17 Change is Good? Franchisor Franchisee Perspectives in Changing System 

W-18 Dueling Perspectives on Selected Franchise Agreement Provisions 

W-19 More Units, More Problems: Drafting and Negotiating Challenges in Multi-Unit Agreements 

W-20 Age of Disruption: Current Issues for Restaurant Franchises 

W-21 Running on Empty: Dealing With Supply Chain Issues 

W-22 Who You Gonna Call: The Role of Franchise Lawyers in Mergers & Acquisitions

W-23 Advertising and Marketing Funds: What Are You Doing With “My” Money? 

W-24 International Legal and Legislative Update 

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