October 07, 2019

42nd Annual Meeting | Franchising At Its Peak

  42nd Annual Meeting

42nd Annual Meeting

ABA Forum on Franchising


W-1: Non-Compete Enforcement Today: Slam Dunk or Red Zone Problem?

W-2: Artificial Intelligence, E-Discovery, and the Next Frontiers of Discovery in Franchise Litigation

W-3: The Road to Purgatory or Paradise? The Devil is in the Details!

W-4: The Keys to Successful Negotiation and Early Dispute Resolution

W-5: Words Matter: A Litigator’s Perspective on Key Provisions in the Franchise Agreement 

W-6: Effective Witness Preparation and Presentation in a Franchise Case

W-7: Mobile Apps, Remote Ordering, and Loyalty Programs; Risks and Opportunities

W-8: Metal Detectors, Video Cameras and Bomb-Sniffing Dogs: Balancing Hospitality With Privacy and Security

W-9: How Should the FTC Rule be Restructured, If at All? 

W-10: Avoiding and Litigating Claims in Advertising Franchised Products and Services

W-11: Structuring the New Franchisee Evaluation and Approval Process

W-12: Trademark Clearance and Investigation Considerations Before Acquisition of a New Concept

W-13: Best Practices for Franchisors Providing Franchise Support Services in a Post-Joint Employer World

W-14: Stepping on Toes: Territorial Rights and Encroachment

W-15: How to Develop a Comprehensive and Balanced Social Media Policy

W-16: Regulatory Update

W-17: Collect if You Dare: Practical Strategies to Help Franchise Parties Cope with GDPR and Other International Privacy Laws and the Evolving U.S. Privacy and Data Security Landscape

W-18: Anti-Poaching Issues in Franchising

W-19: Franchising Under the Radar in the USA and Canada: How to Ensure Your Client’s Franchise Dreams Don’t Go “Up in Smoke” 

W-20: So You Want to Terminate for System Standards Violations

W-21: Buying and Selling a Franchised Business, Guiding a Franchisee through the Process

W-22: International Expansion: The Toe in the Water Approach

W-23: A Guided Tour of Franchising in the Asia-Pacific

W-24: Ethics: Keeping Up With Ever Evolving Technology, They Didn’t Teach That in Law School

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