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Contact us with updates. Email us the link to the page that needs to be updated. The name of the page is nice to know, but the link is what is needed. Send specific instructions as to what needs to be updated. Here is an example. Highlight or cross out what is to be deleted, note what is to be added and where this change should occur, formatting is based on ABA standards. If there are any files such as .pdfs or .jpgs use ABA Naming Convention: all lowercase, no spaces, and no special characters. Updates are made monthly on the 3rd Thursday.

Dynamic Committee Homepages

DCH Page Editing Webinar
Using a Dynamic Committee Homepage or DCH page committees, divisions, and caucuses can maintain their content with minimal turnaround time. Members use the modules to create and update their page. They can add a logo. Logos are designed by a committee member as long as no copyright laws are broken. Maximum size uploaded must be 50 pixels x 50 pixels. About Us, Message from the Chair, More About Us are all modules that have a 1,000 character limit.

Subcommittees can be linked to the page if the subcommittee is already created in Personify. Leadership and membership rosters are pulled directly from Personify and don’t need to be updated.

 Programs, Meetings and Events can be posted directly from the shopABA page or can be a committee specific event. Similarly, Related Products pull publications and materials from the shopABA site.

Sites of Interest and Other Links of Interest are modules that allow members to attach links to resources outside of the DCH page. Newsletters and Publications as well as Related Resources allow .pdfs to be uploaded.

Lastly, there are three additional page options that allow for other content such as pictures. Forewarning about pictures: they are added through HTML and can easily break the entire DCH page. The best way to share committee pictures is to set up a Flickr, PhotoBucket, or other image based social media page. Once the site is set up the member can post a link to the pictures on the DCH page.


ListServ® is a discussion group via email. Once added to the Forum or committee in myABA the member is automatically added to the associated list. That means if Joe Mason joins the Forum, he is automatically added to the Forum list. The opt-out option is available at the bottom of all emails sent via the list. To assure the email is sent send to name@mail.americanbar.org, send only plain text, and use the subscribed email. After typing the message assure it is plain text by going to the top of the window to “Format Text,” on the left side click “Aa Plain Text,” and then send the message. That strips the message of all HTML, which is not permitted for ListServ® messages. Only use the email subscribed to the list. For example, Joe Mason uses his email jmason@firmname.com to subscribe to the list. If Joe sends a message with jasonm@firmname.com the message will not be sent, because that is not the email address that is subscribed. Generally, best practices are to send the email three days before it has to be received. To troubleshoot send an email to the Forum staff.

List Manager and Maestro

Designed HTML emails are sent using Maestro and List Manager by Forum staff. Contact us by sending a plain text email and who you want the email to go to, for example a specific committee or the entire Forum.  Within 24 hours an email will be sent to you confirming the content and the next available date on the email calendar. One day prior to the send date, approval is gained based on the HTML file sent to member requesting the email. After approval is gained the email will be sent at 6am on the send date.

Social Media

ABA Social Media Policy | ABA Code of Conduct
There is a number of social media pages such as Facebook and LinkedIn as well as image based pages such as Flickr and PhotoBucket. Policy Highlights: All ABA social profiles must be owned and administered by an ABA employee. A prominent link or reference to the ABA’s “Code of Conduct” must be available. The forum’s homepage must be referenced somewhere within the profile.

Hi! Welcome to the ABA Forum Technology page. Here is a brief explanation how ABA tech programs can further the Forums. Come back often for updates and new FAQs.


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