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Law Students


We encourage all law students to join the Section of Family Law. Our student members receive all the benefits our attorney and associate members do, including:

  • An electronic subscription and online access to our nationally recognized magazine, Family Advocate;
  • An electronic subscription and online access to Family Law Quarterlyour scholarly journal;
  • The opportunity to attend brown bag teleconferences and free informational webinars on emerging topics in family law and assisted reproductive technologies, plus access to our online content archives;
  • Online access to our monthly eNewsletter;
  • Online access to Case Update, a monthly e-digest that keeps you informed about recent decisions in family law cases;
  • The opportunity to join over 20 substantive committees;
  • And much more!

Join the Section of Family Law

FLS Law Students Community

When you join the Section, you’ll automatically be added to the FLS Law Students Community on ABA Connect, a place for student members to share ideas and files, discuss topics of interest, and receive announcements from the Section about opportunities for students.

Go to FLS Law Students

Howard C. Schwab Memorial Essay Contest

The Section of Family Law holds the Howard C. Schwab Memorial Essay Contest annually to stimulate curiosity and investigation into the field of family law. All second and third-year law students are encouraged to enter.

Learn more about the contest

ABA Law Student Division

Did you know that the ABA has national competitions that you can participate in annually? There are also many scholarship opportunities for law students. Find lawyer profiles, career opportunities, articles, and become a member of the Law Student Division.

The Family Law Section’s Law Student Division Liaison for the 2020-2021 ABA Year is Sabrina Smith from New York Law School in New York, NY.

Visit the Law Student Division website