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Featured Issue: Volume

40, No. 4 (Spring 2018)
Parentage and the Modern Family

Table of Contents


The Evolution of the Legal Ramifications of Parentage: An Overview By Harry L. Tindall & Elizabeth H. Edwards


Parentage and the Modern Family The Only Constant Is Change By Meg Nemeth Ledebuhr


The New Uniform Parentage Act of 2017 By Jamie D. Pedersen


UPA 2017: The Science of It All By George C. Maha


Presumptions in Paternity Cases: Who Is the Father in the Eyes of the Law? By James J. Vedder & Brittney M. Miller


De Facto Parentage and the Modern Family By Courtney G. Joslin


How Many Parents? Multiparent Families Are Increasingly Recognized by Law and Society By Tiffany L. Palmer


Test-Tube Parents: Cryopreservation and the Fertile Corpse—A Retrospective By Bruce L. Wilder


On Talking with Young Children about Their Nontraditional Families By Robert A. Simon



Consider Us Family By Roberta S. Batley


From the Editor in Chief By Kathleen A. Hogan


Section Highlights By Cindy Swan


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