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Recent Developments in Family Law

Vol. 54 No. 2   March 2021

Spring/Summer Double Issue

The Summer issue is the second half of a double Spring/Summer issue.


Domestic Relations

The New Restatement of Children and the Law: Legal Childhood in the Twenty-First Century

Since the 1960s, the law regulating children has become increasingly complex and uncertain. In response, in 2015, the American Law Institute launched a new, comprehensive Restatement of Children and the Law. This project, which is ongoing, is organized into four parts: Children in Families, Children in Schools, Children in the Justice System, and Children in Society.

Domestic Relations

The Relationship Between Child Support and Parenting Time [PDF Download]

Decades ago, an obligor parent rarely had access to his child more than every other weekend and holiday and for about three weeks in summer. Times have changed, however. This article discusses approaches to child support calculation when the lesser-time parent has a higher income than the other parent but has substantial access, when both parents have equal joint physical custody, and when the greater-time parent has a higher income than the other parent.