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September 02, 2020 Column

Editor’s Note

Kendra Huard Fershee

I am writing, with some pride and a bit of sadness, my last Editor’s Note for Family Law Quarterly. I joined the Board of Editors seven years ago, eager to be a part of this venerable publication and armed with ideas that would help it continue to live up to its esteemed reputation. During her more than twenty years at the helm, Linda Elrod built FLQ into a go-to journal, gathering countless cites in cases, case books, articles, and more, and a readership that relied on the articles within to change the lives of families for the better. As I have said many times, hers were tough shoes to fill, but attempt to fill them I did, for the last five years.

In those years, the Supreme Court made arguably the most momentous decision in family law history when it recognized the constitutional right of marriage for same-sex couples; numerous uniform codes have been drafted, modified, and adopted to help states adapt the law to meet the changing needs of families and the changing forms families take; and countries around the world have continued to attempt to clarify and define the rights and responsibilities of cross-border families torn apart by domestic and political strife. The dynamics of family law require thoughtful analysis, and careful introspection, which is what we aim to deliver to our readers. Family law is always at the core of who we are, no matter where we are, and making the difficulties that families sometimes face a little more manageable is an important job. We hope we have made that job a little easier for our readers and served the lawyers in this profession well.

And as family law is dynamic, so is the stewardship of Family Law Quarterly. This is my last issue of FLQ as Editor in Chief, and I am thrilled to welcome its new Editor in Chief, Lisa Grumet, Visiting Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Diane Abbey Law Institute for Children and Families at New York Law School. Professor Grumet is part of the Impact Center for Public Interest Law at NYLS and is a dedicated and knowledgeable family law scholar who will take good care of FLQ and our readers. Serving FLQ has been a real privilege for me over the last seven years, and I thank you for your past and continued support.

And as always, thank you for your readership. We appreciate you!



Kendra Huard Fershee

Editor in Chief

Family Law Quarterly

[email protected]

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Kendra Huard Fershee


Kendra Huard Fershee is a professor at Creighton University School of Law and Family Law Quarterly Editor in Chief.