June 10, 2019 Feature

Preventable Tragedy in the Lauren McCluskey Case: Addressing Campus-Based Intimate Partner Violence Under the Clery Act

Laura L. Dunn


On October 22, 2018, Melvin Rowland entered the University of Utah’s campus to hunt down and kill his ex-girlfriend, Lauren McCluskey.1, 2 Lauren was a successful, twenty-one-year-old student-athlete and college senior set to graduate in May 2019.3 In contrast, Rowland was a thirty-seven-year-old convicted felon and registered sex offender who had hidden his true identity from Lauren, claiming instead to be a twenty-eight-year-old community college student named “Shawn Fields” studying computer science.4 After learning about Rowland’s true identity, she sought to end the relationship with support from her friends.5 During this time, as argued by the McCluskey family in its pending lawsuit, the University of Utah had the opportunity to protect Lauren,6 which might have saved her life.

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