February 12, 2019 Feature

Annual Survey of Periodical Literature

Kendra Huard Fershee

This Annual Survey of Periodical Literature provides a sampling of law review articles published in 2017 and 2018. It highlights the variety and depth of family law research produced during this period and calls attention to currently debated hot topics. Full articles are available through most major electronic or print sources.


Dorothy Franks, The Rumor on Adopting Children for Their Organs: A Compelling Reason to Address a Thriving Organ Black Market and the Prevalence of Children Being Trafficked into Adoption, 14 J. Health & Biomed. L. 169 (2018). Discussed the need to fix the organ transplants system, the trafficking of children for money, the adoption baby rumor. Dispelled the social issues contributing to the rumor in order to dispel the rumor and its impacts. Analyzed UN policy on the adoption rumor. Discussed many countries’ policies on international adoptions and the fear tourists face while traveling to different countries with their children. Examined how the rumor has changed adoption worldwide.

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