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Editor’s Note

Kendra Huard Fershee

This issue is our second entirely online issue of Family Law Quarterly. We are doing our best to ensure that Family Law Section members are receiving their copies and hope our readers will let us know if there are problems! While it appears that the transition to online publication has been relatively smooth, it’s possible that problems have emerged that we simply cannot detect from our vantage point. Any input you have would be much appreciated.

This issue includes articles about “The Changing Face of Family Law in America,” which was the topic of a symposium of law professors at the American Association of Law Schools last winter. Family Law Quarterly prides itself on being a publication that features articles of interest and import to legal practitioners around the world, and this issue should not disappoint for people interested in how the law is adjusting (or not) to the many forms families take in modern times. Regardless of a person’s beliefs on what form families should take, the reality is that families are comprised of multiple potential combinations of closely related individuals, and many families are asking for formal recognition in ways they did not in the past. All the while, some courts and legislators are making decisions that indicate a resistance to change, or a lack of understanding of how to support or accommodate, in a fair way, these changing family forms. These competing interests are at the core of family law practice, and the articles within do an excellent job of exploring them.

Also, we have a bonus in this issue: a double-offering of Schwab essay finalists! Because of the timing of the contest and our publishing schedule, we are publishing the 2017 and 2018 winners in this issue. That means our next Spring issue will not include Schwab essay winners, but the most recent winners are being published sooner than usual, which means their essays are more timely this year.

As always, thank you for your readership. We appreciate you!



Kendra Huard Fershee

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Family Law Quarterly

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Editor in Chief, Family Law Quarterly; Professor of Law, West Virginia University College of Law