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The Changing Face of Family Law

Vol. 52 No. 1   March 2018



Multipartner Fertility in a Disadvantaged Population: Results and Policy Implications of an Empirical Investigation of Paternity Actions in St. Joseph County, Indiana

A computerized, court-based record system in Indiana provided the authors unusual access to data on multipartner fertility (MPF). It offered a unique, data-rich window into an important—and growing—aspect of contemporary family life. It also pointed the way to needed shifts in family policy and law.

Howard C. Schwab Memorial Essays, 2017 & 2018


Lessons from My Sister’s Keeper: A Minor’s Right to Refuse Lifesaving Treatment

Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper is a novel that explores the difficult topic of the terminal illness of a sixteen-year-old girl and the lengths her family goes through in order to preserve her life. Much of the literature written on this novel focuses on Anna, the sister who was born in order to become a donor for her sister, Kate, and the ethics of forcing such donations from a child.