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Readying for the Future of Family Law/Becoming Adults: How Law & Policy Treat Coming of Age

Vol. 51 No. 2 & 3   May 2017

Summer 2017: Readying for the Future of Family Law

Fall 2017: Becoming Adults: How Law and Policy Treat Coming of Age

ACA (Health Care Reform)

Health Care at a Price: The Impact on Young Adults' Medical Privacy and Autonomy of Being Covered on Their Parent's Health Insurance Until Age Twenty-Six

This article looks at how the Affordable Care Act approached concerns that young adults were left without healthcare coverage when they turned eighteen and found themselves kicked off their parents' health insurance plans before they had time to seek employment that either provided healthcare coverage or enough of an income to purchase that coverage.

From the Editor


Editor’s Note - Summer/Fall 2017

In this combined issue, we take on two topics that are appropriate as we prepare to become an entirely electronic publication: topics focused on transition. The first we’re calling “Readying for the Future of Family Law,” which addresses the changing world of family law practice in a time of technological advancement. The second is called “Becoming Adults: How Law and Policy Treat Coming of Age”; it focuses on the delicate line between adulthood and childhood and how the law manages (or fails to manage) the challenges that come with rigid legal definitions as applied to the fluidity of youth and adulthood.

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