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Past Issue PDFs

Volume 40

No. 1: Working with Your Lawyer

No. 2: Avoiding Family Law Malpractice

Volume 39

No. 1: My Parents Are Splitting Up

No. 2: Civil Relief for Uncivil Behavior Domestic Torts

No. 3: Boomer Divorce

No. 4: Uniform Laws  of Family Law

Volume 38

No. 1: A Handbook for Clients Visitation / Parenting Time [or whatever you call it]  

No. 2: Crossing Paths With a Trust

No. 3: Should I Open a Family Law Office?

No. 4: Same-Sex Marriage is Settled

Volume 37

No. 1: Finance Before, During, and After Divorce 

No. 2: Taxes Traps & Opportunities

No. 3: Negotiation- Techniques to Enhance Settlement

No. 4: The IT Lawyer

Volume 36

No. 1: Your Blended Family

No. 2: Unbundling Legal Services

No. 3: The Family Law Consultant

No. 4: Family Law Appeals

Volume 35

No. 1: Prepare for Key Events in Your Case

No 2: Unbundling Legal Services

No. 3: Market Your Practice in the Digital Age

No. 4: Family Law Clauses

Volume 34

No. 1: Surviving Your Divorce & Beyond

No. 2: Assisted Reproductive Technologies

No. 3: Alimony Options

No. 4: The Difficult Client

Volume 33

No. 1: Your Parenting Plan

No. 2: Playing by the Ethical Rules

No. 3: The Prenuptial Agreement

No. 4: Some Client Nightmares Sneak Up on You: Handling a Criminal Charge in a Family Law Case

Volume 32

No. 1: You've Got Choices

No. 2: Your Law Office Staff Manual

No. 3: Same-Sex Marriage & Cohabitation: The Legal Issues

No. 4: Reaching Out to Other Experts

Volume 31

No. 1: The 50+ Divorce: A Handbook for Clients

No. 2: What Judges Want

No. 3: Children & the Law

No. 4: Working with Your Forensic Accountant

Volume 30

No. 1: Coparenting During and After Divorce: A Handbook for Parents

No. 2: Practice Transitions

No. 3: Model Letters

No. 4: Lawyers & Psychologists Working Together on Custody

Volume 29

No. 1: My Parents are Getting Divorced: A Handbook by and for Kids

No. 2: Marketing Your Family Law Practice

No. 3: Electronic Evidence: The Essential Tools

No. 4: Outstanding Financial Experts

Volume 28

No. 1: Illuminating Answers to 200+ FAQs About Divorce

No. 2: The Military Divorce

No. 3: Electronic Evidence: What Is It, How to Find It, How to Use It

No. 4: Relocation