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Client Handbooks

Give your clients tangible, easy-to-read information about what they can expect during their divorce and child custody proceedings. The following issues of Family Advocate have been designed and created especially for individuals or families going through a divorce.

How to Order Client Manuals

  1. Order online, just click on the links below for a specific issue.
  2. If you are unable to order online, please contact the ABA Service Center at 800-285-2221. (Be sure to provide the PC number.)

Surviving Your Breakup (Summer 2022)
This issue of Family Advocate is a helpful resource and guide for any client who wants to know what to expect when initiating a divorce proceeding, separation, or child custody case.
PC: 51311004501

Evidence (Summer 2021)
This issue of Family Advocate discusses the many ways that the rules of evidence define the boundaries, obstacles, and rest of the framework for the playing field in a family law case.
PC: 51311004404 

Financial Choices (Summer 2020)
This handbook will serve as a useful starting point and ready reference guide as clients navigate the many financial choices they must make during a family law proceeding.
PC: 51311004301

FAQs (Summer 2019)
This issue of Family Advocate answers several frequently asked questions regarding a variety of family law proceedings.
PC: 51311004201

Hot Tips for Clients (Summer 2018)
Learn from the experts!
PC: 51311004101

Working with Your Lawyer (Summer 2017)
This issue of Family Advocate is designed to provide additional support for you as you go through the process of a family law proceeding.
PC: 51311004001

My Parents Are Splitting Up: A Graphic Novel (Summer 2016)
This issue of Family Advocate focuses on talking with kids about the divorce.
PC 51311003901

A Handbook for Clients Visitation / Parenting Time [or whatever you call it] (Summer 2015)
This client issue of Family Advocate focuses on the time separated or divorced parents spend with their children, the kinds of problems that may arise, and how to handle them.
PC: 51311003801

Finances Before, During, and After Divorce (Summer 2014)
This client handbook issue of Family Advocate is comprised of articles that contain finance information. Topics include finance do's and don'ts, bankruptcy option, retirement plans, financial disclosure and much more.
PC: 51311003701

Prepare for Key Events in Your Case (Summer 2012)
This client handbook issue of Family Advocate will help clients learn about key events in a domestic relations case. The articles provide basic explanations of key events that will help maximize the effectiveness of the lawyer-client relationship. Topics include financial disclosure, hearings on temporary orders, depositions, mediation, meeting with the custody advisor, and more.
PC 51311003501

Surviving Your Divorce (Summer 2011)
This client handbook issue of Family Advocate will help clients learn about the divorce process and the roles played by their lawyer(s) and other professionals who may be involved in the process. A general overview of the divorce process is included; the issue also touches on financial information, child-related considerations, alternatives to trial, and much more.
PC 51311003401

Your Parenting Plan (Summer 2010)
This client handbook is designed to help clients make the best possible decisions as they structure the terms of their parenting time-share plans. The articles will help clients understand the legal process, their children's developmental needs, and answer many of their questions about parenting plans and coparenting.
PC 51311003301

You've Got Choices (Summer 2009)
This client handbook highlights the many choices that divorcing parties can make as they settle property and custody issues in their divorce case. Alimony, keeping legal costs down, parenting, employment, and many other topics are included.
PC 51311003201

The 50+ Divorce (Summer 2008)
A must for anyone who is going through or has recently gone through a mid-life divorce. Articles cover retirement, financial fitness, estate planning options, health-care coverage, potential problems to avoid, and suggestions to facilitate the economic transformation from married life to that of a single person.
PC 51311003101

Coparenting During and After Divorce (Summer 2007)
The articles and information in this client manual are designed to help parents who are going through (or have recently completed) the divorce process in order to provide the most beneficial opportunities for coparenting and reinforce the right of children to share both parents.
PC 51311003001

My Parents are Getting Divorced: A Handbook by and for Kids (Summer 2006)
Divorce can be very hard on kids and parents don't always know what to say or do. This handbook is the perfect guide for kids to read—or parents to read with them—in order to understand what to do with their feelings, what will happen to them, how to talk to a judge, and how to continue their lives.
PC 51311002901

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