February 05, 2021 From the Editor in Chief

From the Editor in Chief

Kathleen A. Hogan

When the Family Advocate Board of Editors began planning this issue, we were enjoying a collegial in-person meeting. None of us thought twice about traveling to a distant location, working for hours in a closed room gathered around a single table, and joining colleagues for handshakes, hugs, and shared refreshments after the meeting. At that meeting, things like spotty cell phone coverage or slow internet speeds were a minor annoyance, not a major impediment. Little did we know that before this issue saw the light of day we would all have to learn, on the fly, to practice law in totally different ways as well as manage our own lives and our client relationships in circumstances none of us had imagined. On one level, the instinct to look for precedent does no good because we are in uncharted waters. However, more than ever, it is important to remember that we need to help ourselves before we can effectively help others.

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