Focus on Custody: It’s All About What’s Best for Your Kids

I know I’m the better parent. How do I prove that to the court?

Proving you are better parent to the court can be hard, especially if your co-parent is not truthful with the court. Keep a log of custodial exchanges and any other issues you encounter when trying to co-parent. Try to keep your communications with the other parent in writing. When preparing your case for the court, focus on the positive. Tell the court how the children behave in your custody and what things you are responsible for when it comes to taking care of them. Tell the court how often the children are with you. Your message comes across more clearly to the court if you focus on these positive aspects of custody, rather than speaking negatively about your co-parent or outwardly telling the court you are a better parent than your spouse. If you have logs and written communications to provide to the court, that will help prove your case without badmouthing the other parent. Most people going through a divorce believe they are the better parent to their children, and it is common for parties to speak negatively of each other to the court. If you have actual logs and written communications to provide to the court and are providing the court with facts regarding the kids’ progress when they are with you, it will be easier for the court to understand that you are the party who is telling the truth.

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