January 01, 2018 Technology

Tools of the Trade

Online and Software Programs to Facilitate Parenting Time Arrangements, Support Obligations, and Payments

By: Douglas J. Sanderson

Our separating and divorcing clients who are unable comfortably and reliably to coordinate with their former partners can often benefit from tools that can reduce their stress in dealing with their former or soon-to-be former partners and co-parents. Many different online resources and software programs exist to facilitate or enhance separated parents’ abilities to arrange their children’s schedules with each parent, but many of us have had very little first-hand experiences with any of them. To help family law attorneys and related professionals such as parenting coaches and child development specialists in the mental health and therapy fields make more informed suggestions to our clients and patients, this article assembles an extensive list of these programs and software. Others may also exist, and I take this opportunity to invite further investigation by or for professionals who represent or counsel individual clients (or patients, as the case may be), or even by clients themselves, depending on their needs and comfort levels using such programs and software.

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