January 01, 2018 Enforcement

The Curvy Road of Enforcement: Keep Driving and Avoid the Roadblocks

By: Raymond R. Goldstein

The Lay of the Land

Roadblocks: whether manmade construction barriers or fallen trees resulting from acts of nature, few are so indestructible, immovable, or unnavigable that one’s destination cannot, ultimately, be reached. How and how quickly roadblocks can be removed (or circumnavigated) is a function of the people and resources available. The people and resources in the judgment enforcement arena are fundamentally rooted in promoting compliance with court process, orders, and judgments. Those particular to family law obligations also support some of our strongest public policies promoting responsible payment for family maintenance, fair property divisions, and payment of attorney fees to ensure access to justice. With good manuals and a complete map, roadblocks can generally be safely navigated without trampling third parties or violating the few, but sacred, debtor protections.


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