August 01, 2018 Divorce

How Do You Know You Are Ready for Divorce?

By: Karen M. Platt

The divorce process can be stressful, even if you know you want to end your marriage. Meetings with your attorney, court appearances, mediation sessions, assembling and reviewing financial records, talking with your children, and meeting with court-appointed mental health professionals can be both time- consuming and emotionally draining. It’s important to know that you are ready to undertake this challenging process, and there are many different factors to consider in determining if this is the right time.

This article raises some of the issues that you might want to consider in determining if the time is right for you to file for divorce—assuming that you have the ability to make that decision for yourself. Sometimes, your spouse files first (in which case, the items below will give you some things to consider to best prepare yourself for what is ahead), and other times, particularly where you or a child are enduring abuse, you don’t have the ability to wait it out until the “right” time.


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