August 01, 2018 Divorce

On Being an Active Participant in Your Divorce: Tips from Thirty Years' Experience as a Divorce Attorney

By: Stacy D. Phillips

Whether you are contemplating separation or in the midst of separating, in the early stages or in the thick of divorce proceedings, you are navigating a major life transition. After more than thirty years working with clients in the family law trenches, I can say with certainty that divorce is all about control. And a key component to getting and keeping control during this stressful time is being an active participant with your attorney.

The first step is being prepared: putting your financial house in order, understanding your monthly expenses, safekeeping copies of important files and documents, keeping abreast of important dates and deadlines as your case progresses, and, if custody is an aspect of your divorce, keeping a diary of the time that you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse each spend with your children. Your attorney will appreciate your preparedness.

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