August 01, 2018 Communication

Communicating with Your Lawyer: What to Expect and How to Avoid the Pitfalls

By: Kristina L. Hohne

Let's set the scene. You are thinking about filing for divorce or legal separation or your spouse already has done so. You find a lawyer and set up a consultation. Now what do you do? What do you tell your lawyer? What questions do you ask?

The Beatles said it best with their 1965 hit, “Help!”

Help! I need somebody.
Help! Not just anybody.
You know I need someone.

That’s exactly what this article is intended to do—help. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of legal procedures or have never communicated with an attorney, each family law case is unique and presents concerns different from those of a typical civil matter. Here are a few tips on what to share with your lawyer, what to keep to yourself, and how to avoid pitfalls along the way.

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