April 01, 2018

From the Editor in Chief

By: Kathleen A. Hogan

The question, “Where did I come from?” has longstanding philosophical, scientific, legal, political, and interpersonal implications, just to name a few. At one time, the “family tree” was the subject of oral history in some cultures. It may also have been recorded in family bibles, church records, or similar logs compiled over generations in other cultures. Searching for ancestors and relatives online or through DNA-testing companies such as Ancestry.com is now a popular pastime  for some. The proliferation of relatively inexpensive commercial DNA testing has made it possible for those who have an interest in the subject to obtain fairly specific information about their ethnic, geographic, or cultural roots. Nevertheless, many people consider their father, mother, or sibling to be a person who is not genetically related to them. Those same individuals may or may not bear some legal relationship to one another.

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