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Family Law During COVID-19: Challenges, Adaptations, and Future Impacts

In this two part webinar, our panelists first discuss legal and practical challenges presented by virtual proceedings in the family law context, and consider the extent to which virtual proceedings may be incorporated into future practice. Then, they consider how COVID-19 has impacted systems for providing interventions, supports, or oversight in the area of family law, as well as some best practices for client representation and advocacy.

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ART History 101

Oftentimes, knowing the history of something is the best way to understand its application today. Join us as we review the history of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) from both legal and medical perspectives, explore the legal and medical advancements in this field, and learn how ART’s history has shaped the current legal landscape.

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Young Lawyers Essentials - Family Law Committee Articles

12 Tips for a Successful and Efficient Custody Mediation

In jurisdictions where mediation is mandatory or even just encouraged, preparing your client can help minimize the emotional impact of learning what the other parent’s positions are on significant and insignificant issues.

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Beware of Hidden Tax Traps in Divorce: The Impact of Basis and Tax Rate Fluctuation

Tax considerations in divorce are integral to the marriage dissolution process, but often only considered in passing.

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