Fall 2017 Council Agenda Book

Section of Family Law Members are encouraged to view the Council Agenda Book before attending the Fall CLE Conference.

2017 Fall CLE Conference
October 4-7, 2017
Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch

Beaver Creek Mountain, CO


Council Meeting Agenda

The Council Meeting will take place in the Salon I of the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch on Thursday, October 5, from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

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1:30 pm

Welcome and Call to Order – Bobbie Batley

1:30 pm

Minutes from New York City, August 12, 2017-- Michael Mosberg     Tab 1

1:35 pm

Update on Annual in New York City—Mary Vidas

1:40 pm

Member Benefit Development Committee Report – Karl Topor & Lilka Martinez     Tab 2

1:45 pm Sponsorship Committee Report  – Jennifer Brandt & Brian Karpf       Tab 3

1:50 pm

Uniform Parentage Act vote  – Lindsay Beaver, Steve Snyder, & Courtney Joslin    Tab 4

2:00 pm

ART Committee Report; 2017 Model Act Governing Assisted Reproductive Technology Resolution vote -- Richard Vaughn     Tab 5


2:10 pm Military Law Resolution vote – Brent Tanner   Tab 6

2:20 pm

Report from the Chair-Elect –  Melissa Avery
2:25 pm Report from the Vice-Chair – Jon Wolfe
2:30 pm House of Delegates Report – Anita Ventrelli & Scott Friedman

2:35 pm

Diversity Committee Report --Allen Palmer & Jon Wolfe

2:40 pm

Publications Development Board Report –Lynne Ustach & Joe Booth      Tab 7

2:45 pm

Family Advocate Report – Kathleen Hogan

2:50 pm

Family Law Quarterly Report – Kendra Fershee     Tab 8
2:55 pm Law Student update – Stephanie Tabashneck
3:00 pm Financial Officer’s Report – Deborah Akers-Parry    Tab 9

3:05 pm

Report from the ABA FLS Board of Governors Liaison – Maryann Foley

A.     OneABA (Maryann Foley & Anita Ventrelli)    Tab 10

3:45 pm

Council Discussion over cost-saving mechanism survey

4:15 pm


New Business                                                                                                         


Committee Status Reports Tab 11
Liaison Status Reports Tab 12
Schedule of Upcoming Section of Family Law CLE Programs Tab 13
Roster of Officers and Council Tab 14