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Program materials from the past five years are available for conference attendees to download. Only registered attendees of the conference can download the materials.

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CLE Conferences

2018 Fall CLE Conference
October 3-6, 2018
Tucson, AZ
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Educational Border Visit
October 3, 2018
Nogales, AZ
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2018 Annual Meeting
August 2-4, 2018
Chicago, IL
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2018 Spring CLE Conference
May 9-12, 2018
Nashville, TN
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2017 Fall CLE Conference
October 4-7, 2017
Beaver Creek, CO
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2017 Annual Meeting
August 10-12, 2017
New York, New York
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2017 Spring CLE Conference
May Mat 3-6, 2017
Savannah, GA
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2016 Fall CLE Conference
October 19-22, 2016
Québec City, QC, Canada
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2016 Spring CLE Conference
May 11-14, 2016
Paradise Island, Bahamas
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2015 Fall CLE Conference
October 14-17, 2015
Portland, OR
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Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever: Work Smarter, Not Harder

From calendar management to remote billing to virtual assistants, improvements in technology and apps can make it easier than ever for attorneys to manage their practice and communicate with clients.  This program is specific to attorneys and will help identify new ways to stay organized, get paid, advancements in technology, and how to work smarter (not harder).

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Show Me the Money: How to Convince the Court to Impute Income

Join our experts as they discuss insights and tips on how to impute income in family law cases, including tips for dealing with the underemployed, 1099 employees, transitioning workers, and individuals with non-traditional work histories.

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Difficult People: Dealing with Opposing Counsel and Clients

The obstreperous attorney. The angry pro se litigant. The uncooperative client. A family law attorney's job is hard enough without the added stress of dealing with difficult people. This session will explore ways to work with and overcome even the most obstinate opponents and restore some sanity to an otherwise chaotic profession.

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Ethical Responsibilities for Client Files: Facing Piles of Files with Smiles

Lawyers receive and sift through enormous amounts of information, some of which must be maintained in the client file. A recurring and often difficult question facing lawyers is how to properly manage and maintain client files. There are many ethical issues that converge and intersect that involve "the client file" such as: file integrity, retention, production, expenses, confidentiality, destruction, use of data management companies, and the use of the cloud.

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UCCJEA and Relocation: Jurisdictional Problems

When one parent wishes to relocate to another state, the other parent (and the court) may be concerned about the potential loss of jurisdiction over any subsequent modifications of the custody order.

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Do You Have a PLAN?: How to Examine the Work and Testimony of Mental Health Experts in Family Law

This program offers the practical, structured PLAN Model—based in case law and psychology's literature—to critique and examine mental health testimony and to sharpen legal arguments to the court.

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48 Hours: Primer to Posthumous Sperm Retrieval and Reproductive Use

Join our speakers as they discuss the background regarding posthumous sperm retrieval, use of retrieved sperm for reproductive purposes, and legal, medical, and practical considerations and steps to retrieval.

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What Every Family Lawyer Needs to Know About the 2017 Tax Act

This program will provide an overview of the new 2017 Tax Act, with an emphasis on the changes that mostly affect family law cases.

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Cross Examination: Principles, Strategies, Techniques

This webinar will provide an in-depth examination of the rules, techniques, and strategies of cross examination in civil litigation, with an emphasis on family law litigation; types of cross examinations and cross examinations for different types of witnesses; preparation for cross examination.

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Defense Against the Dark Arts: Finding Hidden Assets and Income

Much like dark arts, hiding income and assets during a divorce or child support case can cause great harm. Forensic accountants and investigative lawyers are your protection. Join our distinguished panel to learn common methods used to conceal income and assets, the process of tracing the money, and the databases and public record available to investigators.

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ART: Ethical Considerations and Guidelines for Advising Clients on Using Multiple Surrogates Simultaneously

This panel will discuss possible surrogacy industry guidelines for attorneys, physicians, and agency owners surrounding the simultaneous matching of multiple surrogates with intended parent(s), and other developing industry practices as they may affect policy regarding surrogacy.

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Premarital Agreements in the 21st Century and the Law of Validity

Couples of all ages are increasingly turning to premarital agreements as a means to define the economic terms of their marital relationships and expectations — but such an agreement is only good if it's enforceable. What does it take to get an agreement that will hold up in court if challenged? Are there limits to what a premarital agreement can do? This informative webinar will provide a thorough overview of issues every family lawyer needs to keep in mind, from questions of validity and construction of the agreement, to choice-of-law clauses.

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Make More Money…By Being More Ethical

Many believe that professional rules of ethics encumber us, make us less efficient, and prevent us from making more money. Actually, quite the opposite is true. Turns out that "good ethics," in addition to keeping us out of trouble, is also good business practice. This course will be centered around the Rules of Professional Conduct and how adhering to their letter and spirit is a better business model and is more likely to result in increased revenue.

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Social Media and Electronic Evidence: Demonstrations and Examples

This program offers a -"how-to"- guide for understanding, offering, and objecting to social media and other electronic evidence. Faculty will demonstrate how to offer these types of exhibits and how to properly object if you want them excluded. This program is designed for practitioners who are uncomfortable with electronic evidence.

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Ensuring Your Staff is Ethically Supporting You

This panel will discuss the importance of ensuring that non-lawyer staff are aware of the ethics rules and how to avoid potential pitfalls through non-compliance of the rules in your practice.

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Custody/Visitation Cases with Military Parents

This webinar will discuss the impact of military service on child custody and visitation cases, the implications of deployment of the service member parent and strategies for representing both the service member and the non-service member in a child custody or visitation dispute. This webinar will also describe and discuss the implications of the Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act and the Turner Amendment on custody and visitation cases involving military parents.

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ART: Commonwealth Babies: International ART Update Across Borders

When clients involved with assisted reproductive technology (ART) take their baby home, it can be a tricky process. One of the constant challenges is significant legal change. ART law is not the same throughout the world, and continues to remain in a state of flux. Whether your clients are in the U.S. and going abroad or are from other countries coming to the U.S. for surrogacy and returning home, you must have an understanding of the laws in other countries.

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Using Personal Tax Returns in Formulating Your Maintenance and Property Division Case

Whether you are just beginning in family law or are a more experienced matrimonial lawyer, the first step in knowing the economics of your support and property division case is understanding each party's personal tax returns.

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