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CLE Conferences



CLE ConferenceProduct TypeProduct CodeLocation/Website
Fall 2017Dowload CLE program materials from page linked at right. Beaver Creek Mountain, Colorado
Annual 2017
Dowload CLE program materials from page linked at right. New York, New York
Spring 2017Dowload CLE program materials from page linked at right. Savannah, Georgia
Fall 2016Dowload CLE program materials from page linked at right.
 Québec City, QC, Canada
Annual 2016

No CLE Programming
San Francisco, CA
Spring 2016
Dowload CLE program materials from page linked at right.
Convention Media
Paradise Island, Bahamas
Fall 2015Dowload CLE program materials from page linked at right.Convention MediaPortland, OR
Annual 2015No CLE ProgrammingChicago, IL
Spring 2015Download CLE Program materials from page linked at right
Convention MediaCarlsbad, CA
Fall 2014

Flash Drive

Audio Recordings


Convention Media

Stowe, VT
Annual 2014Download CLE program materials from page linked at right. Boston, MA
Spring 2014Flash Drive5130206FLDSouthampton, Bermuda
Fall 2013Flash Drive



 Park City, UT
Annual 2013Download CLE program materials from page linked at right.

  San Francisco, CA
Spring 2013Flash Drive

Audio Recordings



Convention Media


 Anchorage, AK
Fall 2012Flash Drive

Audio Recordings



Convention Media


 Philadelphia, PA
Annual 2012
No CLE programming Chicago, IL

Spring 2012

Assisted Reproductive Technologies Program Materials



Downloadable PDF

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 Miami, FL
Fall 2011CD

Audio Recordings

Convention Media


 Las Vegas, NV

Annual 2011

"Families DO Matter"

"Same-Sex Marriage in North America: A Look at Where We Are Eight Years Later


Downloadable PDF

Downloadable PDF




Toronto, Canada

Spring 2011CD

Audio Recordings
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Convention Media
 Amelia Island, FL
Fall 2010CD

Audio Recordings
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Convention Media
Fort Worth, TX

Annual 2010

"Representing the Lawyer in a Divorce"

"Top Ten Strategies for Taking Your Family Law Practice to the Next Level"


Downloadable PDF


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San Francisco, CA

Spring 2010CD

Audio Recordings

Convention Media
New Orleans, LA  

Fall 2009CD
Montreal, QC, Canada  
Annual 2009Download Hot Tips from the Annual Meeting website (link at right)
 Chicago, IL 
Spring 2009CD

Audio Recordings

Convention Media
Baltimore, MD  

Fall 2008


Audio Recordings



Convention Media


Scottsdale, AZ  

Spring 2008
(Joint ABA-APA Conference)


Audio RecordingsConvention MediaChicago, IL  
Fall 2007Audio Recordings
Convention Media
Memphis, TN  

Spring 2007

Audio Recordings
Convention Media
Monterey, CA  

Fall 2006Audio RecordingsConvention MediaSanta Fe, NM


TitleFacultyProduct CodeCourse Date
Top Ten Tax Tips for Making Divorce Less TaxingJustin MillerCE1512FTTUMBDecember 2015
The Intersection of Shari'a Law and State Divorce Law: When Culture Collides with CodeAbed AwadCE1511SLDDUMBNovember 2015
My State or Your State? Conflicts of Law in Family Law Actions

Chris Melcher

Jennie Riemer

September 2015
Effective Tools for Preparing Direct and Cross Examination of the Mental Health Expert

Allen Palmer

Linda Smith

August 2015
It May Not Be Over, When It’s Over: A Discussion of the Disposition of Embryos and Genetic Material Upon Divorce, Separation and Death

Tim Schlesinger

Steven Snyder

CE1506ARTUMBJune 2015
Handling the High Profile Divorce Case

Jonathan Wolfe

Randy Kessler

Glenn Berman

CE1502HPDUMBApril 2015
Dealing with Overseas Assets in Your Divorce CaseEliza Hebditch  

Markus Zwicky
CE1503DOAUMBMarch 2015
Property Division: Community Property versus Equitable DistributionCollin Clark McKean  

Timothy B Walker
CE1502MPDUMBFebruary 2015
Crossing State Lines with a Same-Sex Marriage Post-Windsor

Leslie Iris Jennings Lax

Allen Gary  Palmer

CE1501SSMUMBJanuary 2015
Tax Returns as an Information and Strategy Resource in Family Law Cases

Jeremiah W. Doyle IV

Linda Y. Leitz

CE1412TRIUMBDecember 2014
Dividing Digital Assets in Divorce

Carl A. Murway

Melanie Kay Reichert

CE1411DDAUMBNovember 2014
Legal Issues with Attorney Fees, Retainers, and Billing

Phillip J. Tucker

William R. Biviano

CE1409FRBUMBSeptember 2014
ART Law: The Intersection of Assisted Reproductive Technology Law with Family Law & Estate Planning

Carole M. Bass

Steven H. Snyder

CET14ARTUMBJuly 2014
Employment Law 101 for Family Law Practitioners

Justin Bradley Cutlip

Dena Epstein

CET14EFLUMBJune 2014
Clear Skies Ahead: Security and Ethics of Cloud Computing CET14CSACUMB
April 2014
Innovative Premarital Agreements

Linda J. Ravdin,
Peter M. Walzer

CET14IPACDRMarch 2014
Client-Centered Counseling: A Deliberate Approach to Meaningful and Successful Representation

Jill Engle,
Lisa K. Widdecke

CET14CPECDRFebruary 2014
100 Days to Trial: No Time to Lose

Richard Ferguson,
Steven N. Peskind

CET14NTLCDRJanuary 2014
Cross Examining the Mental Health Expert in Family Law Cases

Allen Palmer,
Craig Treneff,
Herman Walker

CET13MHECDRDecember 2013
Social Networking for the Family Lawyer: What You Need to Know About Ethics, Evidence and Discovery

Brian M. Karpf,
Ronald W. Nelson

CET13FLSCDRNovember 2013
Impact of Immigration Issues on Family Law Cases

Tilman Hasche

CET13FLPCDRSeptember 2013
Top Ten QDRO Mistakes Experienced Lawyers Make

Emily W. McBurney,
Rachel Platt

CET13TTQCDRJuly 2013
Digital Offense and Defense: Obtaining Electronic Evidence Legally, Using it and Protecting Your Client

Nicholas G. Himonidis,
Jacqueline Valdespino

CET13DODCDRJune 2013
Representing Military Personnel or Their Spouses in Divorce Cases

Dalma C. Grandjean,
Mary Fran Quindlen,
Steven P. Shewmaker,
Major Lyndsey Olson

Keeping the Court Awake: How to Effectively Present Tax Evidence at Trial

Livia DeFilippis Barndollar,
James M. Godbout

CET13KTCCDRMarch 2013
How to Develop an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Practice

Elizabeth Swire Falker,
Julie M. Tavoso,
Judith A. Hoechst

CET13HTDCDRFebruary 2013
Divorce and Trusts: How to Effectively Represent Your Client

Michael S. Arlein,
Joo Y. Park,
Peter R. Stambleck

CET13DATCDRJanuary 2013
The ABCs of Adoption

Cynthia G. Hawkins,
Phillip Tucker

CET12ABCCDRDecember 2012
Helping Your Family Law Clients Determine When Bankruptcy Is Right for Them

Diane Brazen Gordon,
Lydia Gross Kamerlink,
Lori Patton
CET12HYFCDRNovember 2012
Criminal Law in an Un-civil Case: Handling Accusations of Criminal Conduct in Family Law Cases

William Biviano,
Dennis G. Kainen,
Peter R. Stambleck,
Jayne Weintraub
CET12CLUCDRSeptember 2012
Analytical Steps to a Well Organized, Concise and Engaging Trial: How to Impress the Judge
(Part 3 of 3)
Steven Peskind,
Anita Ventrelli
CET12ASWCDRAugust 2012
Get a Clue: The Ethical Use of Private Investigators in Family Law

Lewis Becker,
Wayne Centanni,
Kim Nguyen
CET12GACCDRAugust 2012
Common Evidentiary Foundations for Family Law Litigation: How to Impress the Judge
(Part 2 of 3)
Steven Peskind,
Anita Ventrelli
CET12CEFCDRJuly 2012
Keys to Effective DepositionsMichael Mosberg,
Jonathan Wolfe
CET12KEDCDRMarch 2012
Divorce and Tax Issues: Simple Answers to Complex QuestionsChristopher C. Melcher,
Elizabeth Nelson
CET12DTSCDRFebruary 2012

All teleconferences are 1.5 hours in CD format and include course materials.