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From the 2020 Virtual Fall CLE Conference:

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Mediation in State & Federal Courts

Do you tend to shy away from using mediation to resolve family conflicts in state and federal courts? Considering mediation as an alternative to litigation – with the right knowledge, plan, and tools – can be a useful method in resolving your clients' family disputes. This program will help you understand and prepare for successful mediation in these often complex, high-conflict cases.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Drafting Legislation & Citizenship Issues
(From the 2020 Virtual Fall CLE Conference)

This two-session webinar will give you the opportunity to earn three hours of CLE credit while learning tips for getting your ART legislation to become law and learning how citizenship issues impact international intended parents.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Contract Drafting & Insurance Issues
(From the 2020 Virtual Fall CLE Conference)

This two-session webinar will give you the opportunity to earn three hours of CLE credit while hearing tips for how to avoid writing "Franken-contracts," and you will learn about insurance coverage issues in gestational carrier agreements.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies: International Surrogacy & COVID-19’s Effect on ART
(From the 2020 Virtual Fall CLE Conference)

This two-session webinar will give you the opportunity to earn three hours of CLE credit while learning how ART is dealt with around the world and hearing how the COVID-19 pandemic affected and continues to affect the practice.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Virtual Family Law Spring 2020 Part 2
(Free for Family Law Section Members)

Join us for three hours of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) CLE that will help you improve your practice! First, you'll hear a lively panel of ART attorneys discuss tips, best practices, and common mistakes in drafting surrogacy and egg donation agreements, domestic and international parentage cases, and more. Then learn how to address concerns about privacy standards for patients' health information and data in the context of your ART practice.

ART History 101
(Free for ABA Members)

Oftentimes, knowing the history of something is the best way to understand its application today. Join us as we review the history of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) from both legal and medical perspectives, explore the legal and medical advancements in this field, and learn how ART’s history has shaped the current legal landscape.

Can ART Survive Death and Divorce?
(Free for ABA Members)

Join our Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) experts, Tim Schlesinger and Amy Adams, as they discuss ART guidelines on custody and support considerations, estate planning, and genetic materials in divorce.

Where There's A Will, There's A Way: Minimizing the Risks of International Surrogacy Arrangements

Children born under international surrogacy arrangements may not be protected in regard to their immigration status if the intended parents die unexpectedly. This program will focus on tips to minimize risk, including a discussion of the 1961 Hague Convention.

48 Hours: Primer to Posthumous Sperm Retrieval and Reproductive Use
(Free for ABA Members)

Join our speakers as they discuss the background regarding posthumous sperm retrieval, use of retrieved sperm for reproductive purposes, and legal, medical, and practical considerations and steps to retrieval.

ART: Ethical Considerations and Guidelines for Advising Clients on Using Multiple Surrogates Simultaneously
(Free for ABA Members)

This panel will discuss possible surrogacy industry guidelines for attorneys, physicians, and agency owners surrounding the simultaneous matching of multiple surrogates with intended parent(s), and other developing industry practices as they may affect policy regarding surrogacy.


Ethics and Civility in an Uncivil Time
(Ethics Credit | From the 2020 Virtual Fall CLE Conference)

Some think that our culture, and our interactions with each other, are coarsening. Yet, lawyers remain bound by various Rules of Professional Conduct and the inherent power of courts to sanction conduct that crosses the line. Our panelists discuss the rise of incivility, the ethics of incivility, and what good lawyers can do when pushed to make the world a harsher place.

Financial Issues

Family Law: Trusts, Appeals, & Retirement Assets
(From the 2020 Virtual Fall CLE Conference)

This three-session webinar will give you the opportunity to earn three hours of CLE credit while learning the basics on three important topics in family law: dealing with trust assets in divorce proceedings, creating a strong record at trial in case of an appeal, and dividing retirement assets in divorce cases.

International Discovery & The Shuffle of Marital Assets: Virtual Family Law Summer 2020
(Free for ABA Members)

Join us for this two-hour CLE experience that covers important topics in family law! Our first panel will discuss best practices for conducting discovery in international family law cases, leaving you ready to seek and collect data from other countries and address any pushback you might encounter. Our second panel will explore the important legal questions surrounding the transfer of assets to third parties and will give tips for family lawyers for recovering those assets.

Divorce and Taxes & Ironclad Agreements: Virtual Family Law Spring 2020 Part 1
(Free for Family Law Section Members)

Join us for a two-hour virtual family law CLE experience! First, hear our expert panel give updates on the new world of alimony and alimony trusts, IRA contributions, Child Care Credit, and more under the 2017 Tax Act, with a focus on recent case law from various states. Then, listen to a discussion on best practices and common mistakes in drafting various types of family law agreements and the complex legal and financial framework to consider, including tax issues and division of assets.

Cryptocurrency and How to Find It and Track It in Divorce Litigation
(Free for Family Law Section Members)

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrency means you might find yourself needing to investigate it in divorce litigation, as its semi-anonymous nature makes it a useful tool for individuals attempting to hide assets. Join our knowledgeable panel as they discuss cryptocurrency, how it works, and the investigative techniques that can help you better serve clients.

Taking Care of Business-Valuing and Protecting Business Interests
(Free for Family Law Section Members)

Preserving marital wealth through all stages of a divorce requires careful planning and foresight on the attorney’s end. Join our panel of business valuation experts and attorneys for a discussion about business valuation in the era of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), along with the best tools and strategies to avoid putting clients’ marital wealth at risk.

Executive Compensation and Divorce

Hear from a family wealth strategist about how to discover and understand executive compensation and how it can be divided in a divorce.

Get Credit Where Credit is Due: Transfer of Child Tax Credits Between Parents

Under the new tax laws, dependency exemptions are gone. What does this mean for family law attorneys? The Child Tax Credit has been expanded. Head of household filing status means more than in the past. And don't forget about the Dependent Care Credit, either.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs): Dos, Don'ts, and Pitfalls 

In conjunction with the ABA's release of the 4th Edition QDRO book, we are pleased to present this program on Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs), including what to do, what not to do, and pitfalls to watch out for.

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Finding Hidden Assets and Income

Much like dark arts, hiding income and assets during a divorce or child support case can cause great harm. Forensic accountants and investigative lawyers are your protection. Join our distinguished panel to learn common methods used to conceal income and assets, the process of tracing the money, and the databases and public record available to investigators.

Law Practice

What Great Family Law Practices Are Doing Better Than Everyone Else
(Law Office Management Credit | From the 2020 Virtual Fall CLE Conference)

If you believe every family law practice can be improved and if you believe that excellence in running your practice is a journey and not a destination, this session is for you. Upon completion of the program, you will be more focused, prioritize your day more effectively, and manage your time better than ever.

Bridging the Generation Gap

Feel that lawyers of different ages and experiences within your law practice sometimes fail to understand or work well with one another? Varying work styles, uses of technology, and more can lead to conflict in in a law practice. This program will offer solutions for bridging this generation gap by making the most of the skills you and your coworkers bring to the table.

Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever: Work Smarter, Not Harder

From calendar management to remote billing to virtual assistants, improvements in technology and apps can make it easier than ever for attorneys to manage their practice and communicate with clients.  This program is specific to attorneys and will help identify new ways to stay organized, get paid, advancements in technology, and how to work smarter (not harder).


“You Can’t Do That!” – Stop Signs and Solutions in Military Pension Division Cases

Our expert attorneys will use a question/answer format to cover many commonly asked questions about military pension division, the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), garnishment, and the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. By way of example, the military pension division questions include addressing the 10/10 rule, COLAs, arrears, domicile, etc.

Trial Practice

Family Law: Mental Health Experts, Domestic Violence, & Client Intake
(From the 2020 Virtual Fall CLE Conference)

This three-session webinar will give you the opportunity to earn three hours of CLE credit while learning the basics on three important topics in family law: managing mental health experts in a trial, identifying and proving domestic violence in a case, and simplifying client intake in your law practice.

So You Want to File a Family Law Appeal?

Many family law attorneys are lost when it comes to filing an appeal for a client. In addition, many family law attorneys would take on an appeal for a client, but they are lost within both the practice and the procedure of the appellate maze. This program will fill the informational and practical gap for the family law attorney seeking to conduct an appeal on behalf of a client.

Do You Have a PLAN?:  How to Examine the Work and Testimony of Mental Health Experts in Family Law
(Free for ABA Members)

This program offers the practical, structured PLAN Model—based in case law and psychology's literature—to critique and examine mental health testimony and to sharpen legal arguments to the court.

Cross Examination: Principles, Strategies, Techniques
(Free for ABA Members)

This webinar will provide an in-depth examination of the rules, techniques, and strategies of cross examination in civil litigation, with an emphasis on family law litigation; types of cross examinations and cross examinations for different types of witnesses; preparation for cross examination.

Non-CLE Webinars

The Section also has a growing collection of non-CLE, educational webinars on a variety of family law topics. Find them on our Non-CLE Family Law Webinars page.