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CLE Sessions & Materials

Below are links to the CLE materials for sessions being presented at the ABA Section of Family Law Educational Border Visit in Nogales, AZ.

These materials are for registered attendees only. Do not distribute these materials pursuant to ABA policy.

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Attendees, please feel free to print out the materials and bring them with you to the meeting; you may also save the .pdfs to your computer or flash drive.

Materials will open in a new browser window. Some files may be large and take a few moments to download; please be patient.

Materials are not yet available.  Please check back for updates.




Family Separation: Legal & Social Concerns Families Face When Caught in the Web of Immigration Enforcement

An overview of impact on families from the perspective of a binational organization. The presenters will discuss hot topics such as the process of reunification of children to Mexico, services once deported, risks for children left behind in the U.S., and survey of relief from deportation and options to return to the U.S. once deported.


Rocío Castañeda, Esq., Kino Border Initiative Legal Fellow, Florence Project, Florence, AZ
Joanna Williams, Director of Education & Advocacy, Kino Border Initiative, Nogales, AZ



State of Litigation:  A Survey of the Immigration-Related Impact Lawsuits Currently Underway Against Border Patrol, ICE, and Local Law Enforcement

Through a survey of current impact litigation against the Border Patrol, ICE, and local law enforcement, this session will provide an overview of the various civil rights and civil liberties concerns inherent in immigration enforcement.  The session will discuss current “impact” lawsuits tackling various issues such as the conditions of Border Patrol’s short-term holding facilities, the government’s recent practice of separating parents and children along the southern border, the treatment of asylum seekers at ports of entry, the use of “ICE detainers” in county jails, and anti-immigrant state laws such as Arizona’s SB 1070.


Todd Miller, Independent Journalist/Author of Border Patrol Nation & Storming the Wall, Tucson AZ
Billy Peard, Esq., Staff Attorney, ACLU of Arizona, Tucson, AZ