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Want to submit a CLE proposal? Need materials for your own CLE programs? Or do you just have some general questions about CLE? Read on for more information.

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Proposal Forms

Conference Proposals
Proposals for Spring, Fall, and Annual CLE programming are accepted on a rolling basis, unless deadlines are given below. Just use the form below.

CLE Proposal Form 


Webinar/Teleconference Proposals

The Section offers webinars/teleconferences year-round (approximately 9). If you'd like to submit a proposal, please use the form below.

CLE Webinar/Teleconference Proposal Form

Don't be shy...our CLE Committee looks forward to hearing your ideas!

Previously Produced Programs

Below are titles of CLE programs we've previously produced. Use them to spur ideas, or peruse them to see what's been done in the past.

CLE programs (1 hour)

Plenaries (2.5 hours)

CLE Materials

Still need ideas for your CLE program? Or perhaps your own programming's already in place, and you just need materials to use. Either way, Family Advocate can help! For more information, visit the Family Advocate CLE page.

If you'd like to purchase CLE materials, see our CLE Materials (Recent Conferences/Teleconferences) page. We now offer audio recordings from our CLE Conferences (see above link).

Don't forget, books are informative, too.

FAQs about CLE

Q: Can't find your CLE certificate of attendance form?
A: To request a CLE form from a recent meeting or program that you attended, please call Samantha Schooley at 312-988-5145.

Q: Does my state require me to take continuing legal education courses?
A: There are 45 states that require lawyers to take mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) courses in order to practice law. Find out about your state's MCLE requirements.

Q: What Member Benefits does the Center for CLE offer?
A: The ABA's MCLE Department and a variety of Sections provide members with complimentary or member-benefit offerings. ABA Connection Members can receive CLE each month when your schedule permits via phone or online. Get more information about your ABA member benefits.

Q: I've seen CLE Now! on the ABA website. What is it?
A: Audio programs covering a wide variety of topics that you can listen to right at your desk, anytime. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and the free RealPlayer. Read more about it.

Q: Where can I find the ABA-CLE Calendar?
A: Get a comprehensive listing of CLE opportunities provided by the ABA. (Remember, you can always find the Family Law CLE Calendar on our website, too.)

Q: Still have questions about CLE?
A: Get answers to several of the most frequently asked questions and even submit your own question.

Family Law CLE Products

Purchase materials for Family Law courses you may have missed.  View listing.