Conference FAQs

Conference FAQs


Q: Who is eligible for each conference registration rate?

A: The following outlines who can register at each of our registration rates:

·  Early-Bird Rate for Section Members
o   Registration for any current Section of Family Law member prior to [date for particular conference]
·  Standard Rate for Section Members
o   Registration for any current Section of Family Law member after [date for particular conference]
·  Non-Section Rate for ABA Members
o   Registration for members of the ABA who are not Section of Family Law members
·  Non-ABA Member Rate
o   Registration for those who are not currently ABA members
·  Country/State Bar Association Rate
o   Registration for those who are members of the bar association of the country or state where our conference is located
·   Judges, Full-time Law School Faculty, Full-time Legal   Services or Social Service Practitioners Rate
o   Registration for any individual who falls into one of the categories above; this also includes paralegals.
·  New Practitioners Rate
o   Registration for those who are newly licensed attorneys (within three years of their bar date)
·   CLE Committee Rate
o   Registration for those who are part of the Section’s CLE Committee for this bar year
o   Registration for CLE session speakers (Note: CLE session moderators CANNOT register at this rate; they must register at one of the other rates for which they are eligible.)
·   Law Students Rate
o   Registration for anyone currently enrolled as a law student
·    Local JAG Officers Rate
o   Complimentary registration for local JAG officers
·    Guest Rate
o   Registration for individuals accompanying a registered attendee; this includes spouses and children over 10 years old.
·   Child Rate (Paid)
o   Registration for children 6-10 years old accompanying a registered attendee
·    Child Rate (Free)
o   Registration for children who are 5 years old or younger accompanying a registered attendee


Q: What if I am a moderator or speaker who is only coming to the conference to present at my session?  Do I need to register?

A: You may opt-out of registration if you only attend your CLE session to present and will not attend any other events.  You must inform of us of your decision to opt-out.  Please contact Danielle Pruger at or 312.988.5149.

Q:  Can I bring a friend/spouse to a reception, breakfast, etc. even if I haven't paid their "guest" registration fee?  (He/she won't eat or drink.)

A:  We're sorry, but only registered attendees and guests (including children) -- with their badge visible -- may attend conference functions.


Q: Can I bring a last-minute guest to ticketed events (i.e. Friday dinner event)?

A: Please check to see if the event requires advance purchase tickets.  If not, a limited number of tickets may be sold on-site.


Q: Can I receive CLE credit for attending the sessions at this meeting?

A: CLE credit has been requested from MCLE states.  Each state has its own rules and regulations, including its definition of CLE.  You may wish to check with your state for confirmation of a program’s approval. 


You MUST be registered for the conference to receive CLE credit*.  Guests (i.e. those registered at the Guest rate) will not be eligible for CLE credit and cannot attend CLE sessions due to space limitations.  If your guest is an attorney and/or interested in attending CLE sessions, they must register separately at one of the registration rates for which they are eligible.


*Exception: A moderator or speaker who has opted-out of registration can receive credit for their CLE session only


Q: How do I obtain CLE credit for the sessions at this conference?

A: Many states require a Uniform Certificate of Attendance; these certificates, as well as sign-in sheets, will be available on-site.


To obtain credit:


1.       All attorneys (except for DE, IL, & NY) must sign in ONE time throughout the entire conference. No need to sign in for each session.  The Uniform Sign-In Sheet is located at the registration desk.  A Uniform Certificate of Attendance is in your registration folder.  Please make copies as needed for each state in which you are seeking credit and follow the instructions at the top of the certificate.  DO NOT return the certificate to the ABA.


2.       DE, IL, & NY attorneys must sign in (and out, if you are a NY attorney) for each session.  Those sign-in sheets are located at the back, or outside of, each CLE room.  IL & NY attorneys will receive their certificates via email following the conclusion of the conference.


3.       PA attorneys must sign in on the Uniform Sign-In Sheet, as well as pick up a Pennsylvania Credit Request Form.  You must submit this form, along with a Uniform Certificate of Attendance, to the PA CLE Board with applicable fees.  Please see the form for additional instructions.


4.       TX attorneys must sign in on the Uniform Sign-In Sheet, as well as pick up a State Bar of Texas CLE Course Attendance Form.  Fill out the form and return it to the registration desk at the end of the conference.


5.       All CLE faculty (i.e. moderators and speakers) must sign in and complete the necessary steps for states in which they are seeking credit.


Q: Will I receive the materials for the CLE sessions prior to arriving at the conference?

A: Yes, you will receive the materials electronically via email*. We make every effort to send your materials a week or two before the conference begins so you can print out the ones you want for sessions you plan to attend or save the files to your laptop or tablet for easy reference on-site.


Please be sure you have an email address on file with the ABA or provide an email address when you register.  If you do not have an email address on file, you are welcome to check the conference website, which is where the materials will be housed.


*The email we send only contains the link to the page on the website, not the actual materials themselves.


Q: Why do you ask whether I'm attending solely for ART interests?

A: As Assisted Reproductive Technology is a relatively new area of CLE that has led the Section to offer a special ART track, we want to monitor the number of registrants who attend only because of ART and who would not have come without the ART content.  That information helps the Section of Family Law better plan the ART programming for future conferences.


Q: Is Internet access available in the conference rooms?

A: Wireless internet will be available throughout the meeting space at the hotel.  Please look for signs with the access information and/or ask a Section staff member.


Q: Is there a dress code for the conference?

A: There is no specific dress code for the conference; however, business casual is generally appropriate.  The hotel is usually cooler, so please dress accordingly for all indoor events.


Q: I have a dietary restriction or food allergy. Can you make sure there is something for me to eat at the receptions/social events, etc.?

A: Please let us know of any dietary restrictions or food allergies during registration or as soon as possible once you have registered by emailing Samantha Schooley at  All requests must be received by April 19, 2017.  We’ll be sure to accommodate you so you’ll have something to eat!


Q: I am an individual with a disability and will need special accommodations to participate in the conference.  How do I go about securing the necessary arrangements?

A: We encourage participation by all individuals.  If you are a person with a disability, please give us advance notice of any special arrangements you may need so we can best accommodate you.  Please contact Samantha Schooley at 312.988.5603 or by April 19, 2017.