March 29, 2019

Practical Tips for Using Interpreters

Interpreting Arrangements Deserve Your Focus

Your client is going to be deposed and she doesn’t speak English. You need an interpreter, of course – a good one. How can you identify good ones from bad ones?

If this is the conversation you are having with yourself as you head for the deposition, you have probably waited too long to think about the matter of interpreting. I don’t mean to be a scold, but I am often disheartened by how little attention attorneys pay to interpreting. Perhaps there is the idea that interpreters are like recorders – if they show up on time and know all the right words, then they are good interpreters. That can be said, but how do they get to the point where they “know all the right words?” They prepare – are you helping your interpreter prepare? If you haven’t thought about it, you are probably not helping.

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