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July 24, 2019

Phone and Social Media Detox

How long can you go without social media? Or better yet, your phone in its’ entirety? Looking at my phone’s screen time app, over the last week, I spent almost 9 hours on social networking apps and I “picked up” my phone 1,113 times or on average 159 times per day. I spent a total of 19 hours and 42 minutes on my phone as well. Looking back, I could have used an additional 20 hours finishing projects around the house, going to the gym, finishing books I’ve started, or just enjoying the last few weeks of summer vacation and the weather. So for August, it is time to unplug every day. 

For me, taking time away from social media will be easier then putting my phone completely away. However, if your screen time app shows more than 9 hours per week on social media, then this may be where you start. If you have the screen time app, start by setting app limits. Limit yourself to 30 minutes per day. A notification will alert you when you have five minutes left for the day. If you don’t have the handy screen time app, turn off your data and WIFI for social media apps or completely remove the apps from your phone.

If you want a complete phone detox, you can also schedule downtime in the app and set a schedule for time away from your phone. Phone calls can still be available in case of emergencies. Get your phone out of you bedroom! If you use your phone as your alarm clock, go buy an alarm clock! Or use a Do Not Disturb feature/app so that calls and notifications don’t alert you until the morning. Still struggling to put your phone down? Figure out which app you spend the most time on and either delete it or turn off the notifications.

Your connection to technology is getting in the way of your health and your relationships. Connect with your friends and family offline. So for August, make plans… get out… meet up… but leave your phone at home. 

Jennifer Hostetter

Co-Chair, Health & Wellness Committee