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June 26, 2019

Cut One Thing from Your Diet

Trying to cut out sugar, processed foods, fried foods, or any other type of unhealthy food from your diet all at one time is overwhelming! You may feel left thinking the only thing you can eat is kale! Instead, identify one unhealthy eating habit you can cut and focus on that everyday this month!

Want to cut out sugar? Focus on these tips. Start with cutting back on your bread intake. Bread, especially white bread, is loaded with refined sugar. Can’t ditch it completely? Commit to limiting your intake to consuming only one time per day. Instead of eating a sandwich for lunch, try a lettuce wrap sandwich. You can also swap out white bread with whole grain options, such as whole-wheat bread.

Also, beware of drinking too much sugar. Often, fruit juices are marketed as a health choice, but they’re typically overloaded with sugars. Carbonated drinks should also be cut. Not a fan of plain water all day? Add lemon, limes, or other citruses to your water. You can even had different herbs, such as mint to add some flavor.

Want to cut out processed foods? Focus on these tips. The goal here is to cut out food that cannot be found in nature. It’s typically in a package and contains preservatives. Eat local! Try eating at least one (1) locally grown or raised food one time per day. This could be fruit, vegetables, meats or sweeteners like honey from a local farmer’s market or grocery store.

Try eating foods that don’t have labels. Think whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Instead of purchasing a jar of spaghetti sauce, trying making your own this month. If it has a label, avoid eating any packaged foods that contain more than five (5) ingredients or contain any ingredients that you don’t know what they are.

Want to cut out fried foods? Focus on these tips. Trust me… I love French fries with everything! So this would probably be the hardest area to start for me! But if this is where you to chose to start, then more power to you! When you eat out, most meals automatically come with fries. Swap them out for something that isn’t fried. A lot of your favorite fried meals can be baked in the oven as well. Need more crispiness? Look into purchasing an Air Fryer. The air fryer circulates hot air around the food. Keep in mind that oil is still used; however, it is a much smaller amount compared to frying food. Same crispy taste without the added calories!

Remember, be patient. It takes time to overhaul your diet! Focus on smaller habit changes to reach your overall goals!