January 31, 2019

5 Tips that Law Firms Can Implement to Improve Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance

Verna Myers, Founder and President, Verna Myers Consulting Group

Considering the fragile state of our country—from divided politics to, among other things, the ever-increasing publicity surrounding racial violence and intolerance—many law firms and organizations are choosing to take a closer look at their mission, best practices and goals and evaluating whether they truly promote diversity and inclusiveness.  To do so successfully requires much more than comparing the number of staff and leadership positions, from one year to the next, that are occupied by minorities.  Rather, implementing effective diversity and inclusion initiatives requires, for starters, a willingness and commitment to acknowledging and discussing the need for diversity and inclusion and, more importantly, why your organization could; benefit from such policies.

In drafting and implementing its Diversity Plan, as well as later adopting the American Bar Association’s Diversity and Inclusion Plan (2017), the Family Law Section has remained committed to achieving diversity and inclusion by, among other things, increasing the participation of historically underrepresented lawyers in its activities, membership and leadership.  We identify below five (5) action items law firms and organizations can implement to ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace:

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