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March 20, 2024 ADR

What is a Divorce Coach: How I Can Help Your Clients and You

Presented by: Andrea Hipps

This recorded session unwraps your secret weapon - divorce coaches. Learn how a divorce coach can empower your clients with communication skills and emotional resilience, leaving you with the ability to do what you do best—represent your clients (and not serve as a therapist). Also, learn why a divorce coach plays a vital role that differs from that of your client’s established therapist. Find out how divorce coaches can help to equip clients for effective co-parenting even in high-conflict situations. Learn why any concerns you may have about your client using a divorce coach (privilege, interfering with your legal counsel) are unfounded. Instead, discover how divorce coaches can build a winning team, boost client satisfaction, potentially increase settlement success, and pave the way for happier families. 

Andrea Hipps is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach, author, wife, and mother who has personally lived the frustrating and enormously challenging struggle of surviving divorce while still working, raising kids, and participating in community life.

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