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October 04, 2021 Trial Practice

Trial Practice Series: Haus of Improv - Lawyer's Improv Lecture and Demonstration

Recorded Brown Bag

Presented by: Steve Hohman & Olivia Espinosa

Being a keen active listener is just one of the commonalities between the discipline it takes to be an effective lawyer and a strong improvisational actor. Teacher and Creative Director of Haus of Improv, Steve Hohman and Education Director, Olivia Espinosa, provide a unique lecture and demonstration, where they connect the disciplines of cross-examination and improvisation in a fun, engaging and informative way. Inspired by their work with famed trial attorney and author, Roger J. Dodd, this lecture and demonstration is focused on introducing improvisation skills that translate directly to your work in jury trials, depositions, and client consultations.

Haus of Improv Lecture

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