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Fellowship Program

Fellow Testimonials


"The FLS Fellowship was my first introduction to the American Bar Association as a licensed attorney. The two-year fellowship gave the opportunity to learn about the ABA, the FLS and gave me the confidence and knowledge to explore other leadership opportunities once my time as a fellow ended. I am grateful to the leadership of the FLS for investing their time and resources in cultivating new talent and for their efforts to diversify the section, the profession and the ABA as a whole. Different cultural, age, sexual orientation, geographical location and ethnic perspectives matter, particularly in family law topics. I am always proud to see on social media all of the professional accomplishments of the members of my fellowship class. Rest assured that the resources and the time invested in the fellows will continue generating dividends for the organization and for our profession."

-Ben Aguilar
San Diego, CA

“I was a member of the Inaugural (2014-2016) Class of the ABA Family Law Section’s Diversity Fellowship Program. Not only did the program afford me the opportunity to become very involved in the Section, including, ultimately, serving as Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee, but I have been fortunate to meet a number of family law practitioners from all across the world, which has made for an, overall, amazing experience. Since 2014, I’ve personally encouraged a number of practitioners to apply for the Fellowship and/or become active in the Section.”

-Brandes Ash
Washington, D.C.


"In retrospect, my expectations for the ABA Family Law Section Diversity Committee Fellowship were short sighted. I expected to attend a couple meetings, meet a few new people, and possibly participate in some CLE’s.  While those things have occurred, the other benefits of the Fellowship have been abundant and unexpected. My skill and knowledge as a family law practitioner have blossomed, I have developed a network of colleagues across the nation with whom I collaborate and refer cases, and I am blessed to have assumed several leadership roles within the section.  I am thankful to the visionaries who created the Fellowship, and I am committed to continue to support it for the rest of my career."

-Kelli Hooper
Fayetteville, GA

"The ABA Family Law Section Fellows Program was one of the best professional experiences that I have had as an attorney.  I was given the opportunity to make connections with Family Law gurus from around the country and attend some great conferences.  Because of this fellowship, I have gained mentors, great colleagues, and a network of current and former Fellows.  The Fellowship network is truly the highlight of this program.  I wholeheartedly recommend this program; you will not regret the time spent."

-Stephanie White Thorn
Anchorage, AK


"I am thankful to the Section of Family Law for supporting my growth in the family law practice through the Fellowship program. As a legal aid attorney, my options are typically limited in the conferences that I can attend based on our funding. Through the Section’s Fellowship program, I've had the opportunity to attend 4 CLE conferences where I was introduced to a community of legal aid family law attorneys across the nation. Additionally, the Fellowship program encourages active participation and leadership within the Section. This has allowed me to moderate a CLE panel, gain leadership positions in various committees, and join in on the amazing work of the Section. Thanks to the Fellowship program, I will remain an active member of the Section for many years!"

-Maleaha Brown
Los Angeles, CA